Good Governance From The Dna

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE Progressive Liberal Party had its fair share of controversies during its last tenure as the governing party of the Bahamas.

There was the debacle with Sydney Stubbs and the Korean boats at BAIC. Additionally, the Hon Shane Gibson was at the centre of a major scandal with the late Anna Nicole Smith. We all know what happened. The Hon Perry Christie did not take charge of these situations and allowed his ship to sail on despite the fact that his "ship was sinking".

The Free National Movement had a scandal with the Honourable Zhivargo Laing and the Monave product.

Additionally, the Honourable Earl Deveaux took a ride on the Aga Khan's helicopter, an act which had severe implications at the time because the Aga Khan was seeking a permit to build a harbour in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Mr Deveaux tendered his resignation, but this was not accepted by the Rt Honourable Hubert Alexander Ingraham. Shouldn't Mr Ingraham have taken charge of these matters and ensure that these members resigned from their honourable positions in government?

And now enter the Democratic National Alliance. They are advising that two former candidates were non-performing according to measuring standards put in place by the DNA and as such their candidacy was revoked.

The former DNA candidates are Mr Sammy "Star" Poitier and Mr Philip Thomas. This has caused quite a stir amongst the governing party and the official opposition who are trying to gain political mileage at all costs. Even the public at large has chimed in on talk shows and given their views on this latest development.

Mr Branville McCartney is the current leader of the DNA. He is a potential leader of this country who had the gumption to take a stand and let Bahamians know that if you don't perform at a certain standard you will be removed from your post through democratic means.

Isn't this what we currently need in the Bahamas? Don't we have enough lazy Members of Parliament in the House of Assembly today?

We have once again missed the story. The DNA in my view is not falling apart at the seams. It is practising good governance and it is ensuring that its members are accountable for their actions or lack thereof.



December 7, 2011.


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