Saturday March 31st

“Surprise, surprise. This is how I felt when I saw the same telephone unionists in the news again after only a few short months when they raised all kind of corn to dissuade others from working for the new company. I thought these would have been the first people out of the door to work for themselves.”

-Am for Peace

"I am vex that the 'green giant' Albury is not running in other constituencies because he has proven that he done and continues to do something about crime, environment, big business and country, seeing that his actions already speak louder than words now and for the future for our Bahamas."

  • Pragmatic Voter

"I am vex to learn that Sunday gone, 51 alleged illegal Haitian migrants were apprehended at sea just miles from Marsh Harbour in broad daylight around 4.30pm in the afternoon and shocked as they now sailing straight past Nassau in broad daylight having sailed and breached our Bahamaland's finest security and they sightseeing almost all the islands in our archipelagic nation from Inagua to Abaco. Time to put some tethered weather balloons with cameras to fix the business when they pass."

  • D Solution

“There is an vexing advertisement blanketing the airways of radio and television every 10 to 15 minutes such that we no longer can enjoy our usual programming. This is an abuse of our democracy by the originators of this advert, since no one person is responsible for domestic crimes which could happen within families of every description,”

-Annoyed in Nassau

"I am vex that many learned persons fail to grasp the business concept of a joint company where land is held in common and no party is a single owner to any item in common. ‘Cause of that I done know one condo owner who gone beat the other owners and who would lay claim to the pool just for themself this coming hot season."

  • Joint Owner


"I am vex that the pastors, preachers and reverend doctors can let the abundance of politicians jump the line up and sit right up in the front rows special section in church pews, but when times come for election campaigning, the politicians do not let the pastors jump the line or sits right up in any special rally seating in front of the stage, an actually there are few, if any, pastors around to be seen."

  • Christian

"I vex I gets swung mistaking going through Parkgate Road the other afternoon when everyone doing pick up and all the cars stuck cause traffic ain't moving an they all bucking up by the Village Road intersection."

  • Wasting Gas

"Yinna gats to be joking when you hears that some people in Haiti wanting Baby Papa Doc to be freed of all the human rights abuses, torture and alleged disappearance of his people during his reign; and thank goodness the majority and the world are against letting him off."

  • Justice

"As if things could not gets worse, my vexation yuck up when I see gas prices at an high of $5.74 per gallon for some type of gasoline that the gas station selling, an I don't know if that is the right type of gas an then again I is also vex cause I never yet seen any gas pump being calibrated and publicly certified by the Consumer Affairs to be giving the correct amount of gas. Don't know who to trust these days cause everyone and the robbers seem to want to have their hand in ya pocket. "

  • Calling it a good time.

Why You Happy?

"I am happy that with the passing of the Freedom of Information Act that the relevant govt authorities will now, as a common sense correction for the public notices, post the accompanying photos of persons applying for citizenship and change of name notices, so that the public to whom the notice is requesting can make a decision and respond to prevent cases of fraud, identity theft, persons on warrants from foreign countries, fugitives, wanted criminals from other countries who former fellow citizens may recognize, persons child molesters, rapists, etc, etc.”

  • Get Real

"I am happy that it is resolved that the crime of rape of a spouse, in particular the wife, has already been on the law books for awhile but it just seems that it is ups to the assaulted spouse to press charges and if they don't its simply as dey say 'dog eat ya lunch."

  • Supporter of Pressing Charges


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