Why you vex? 01/5/12

Why You Vex?

“Bey, I vex last year cause I try so dead hard to be a crony, lackey and stooge to get one job from an MP, but no luck and cannot figure out how come all dem other people get all the jobs.”

  • Live an learn

“Vex. If government can afford to pay rent of say $4,000 per month for office space, then why doesn’t it make sense to get a loan for $518,300 to repair most or a portion of their own government building ( former City Meat) on Market Street in Bain and Grants Town with all the parking, cause it sure looks like the Over-the-Hill struggling families can use any bit of help they can get. Same payment for rent can be payment for own mortgage. Plus the government can even rent out additional space.”

  • Free Low Class Advisor

“Everybody like try picking your mouth before Christmas ‘bout what you want and then come to find out you get something different. Vex, but thankful for something, and best yet is to thank God for life “

  • Appreciative

“Crying out so loud when the government authorities now saying they is be inspecting the ‘shanty towns’ for building code violations an nobody figure out what will happen to all the persons who illegally reside there. Vex that this is not done in conjunction with the Haitian Embassy and possibly some sort of voluntary repatriation and incentives offered to some residents who live in abject poverty to return to develop their homeland which is on the rebound and IMF projects Haiti’s growth at 4.5 - 5.5 in 2012 and 6.5 in 2013 – the highest in the Caribbean! Muddoes!

  • Ghetto Philosopher

“I ain’t gon lie now, but when I hears some a dem pastors against homosexuals and another set preaching to love yinna brothers and sisters as yinna love yinaself, I gotta be vex that only now this epiphany happened that gays are people regardless of their sexual preferences. Having said that, now if only the politicians will listen to the pastors and change the laws discriminating against homosexuals.”

  • Church-goer

“Vex all dem Christmas tingum selling for more than 60 per cent off after Christmas when the stores could have been selling dem for that price before Christmas an everybody would be happy.”

  • Recession Customer

“Muddoes dred, when ‘experts’ claim that a lottery can have only a few winners. ‘El Goddo’ Spain’s lottery has a share-the-wealth system where thousands share the wealth system and thousands of numbers yield some prize. Anyone with kindergarten knowledge knows that instead of cutting up one apple in two you can also divide it into many smaller pieces. So many illiterate ‘experts’, it’s appalling’. I vex.”

  • Jobless

“Vex dat all dese record number of young unmarried teenage chillren making babies as though we is not a Christian nation, plus dey barely just christened in church and the pastors have to christen dere babies again. Whatever happened to good preachin’ of moral values and good broughtupsy ‘bout chasing gown an get married before making chillren, heh?”

  • Marriage is lawful

“Aghast, saddened and vexation yuckked up at the sad and shocking event where a little five-year-old boy lost his life from being jooked. Society falling apart because the perpetrators are not being educated to fit into society as there is a lack of proper standards. Perpetrators and others are dese days only see increasing numbers of deacons, reverends and religious leaders failing to teach the real Bible moral teachings; dey see a breakdown of the justice system, a breakdown or lack of value for money spent on the education system, overworked police, slackness in government and failure of society’s leaders to accept responsibility and who instead pass the blame to society. Look at the cause and not the effect.”

  • Man in the street

“Fix ya face, mouth can say anything, I ain’t gon lie now, bey dem fellas on the blocks want jobs, say dey is ‘catchin hell an calling it a good time’ but it is the money dey is wants cause dey ain’t gat no stickability. Ain’t nobody ever train dem to have values, like plenty a dem grows up without any ma an pa in poor, suffering home conditions, cause after all, a recent Inter-American Bank report did say only 16.7 per cent of the poorest Bahamians gets government help.”

  • Observer

“I vex when some officials profusely and vigorously blame the other side for mistakes and they were right there in the same Parliament voting with them, making road for monkey to walk on. Bey, like the voters is so fool to fall for that again and again while dey living high on the hog and everybody else getting treated shabby and crying poor mouth.”

  • Wants Better Bahamaland

Why You Happy?

“Happy to hear that there is minimal damage to the environment from the ship spilling some 3,000 gallons of Bunker C oil, which is like tar into the ocean, about 10 miles outside Freeport Harbour. Sure wouldn’t want that in my backyard. And profuse apologies to the fish, reef, Ariel, Nemo, Flipper, Dory, Davy Jones and Calypso.”

  • Land Lubber.

“Happy to see some proactive nation-building pastors have actually come out in the open and stated that persons who are gay must be treated as humans. Now if only the rest could see the light of day and come out and endorse this statement, and show brotherly and sisterly love and respect, then it would all be merry together.”

  • The Truth

“Man, I so happy that the referendum soon come that people can really get to express how they feel about the way tings is; an ‘dog eat ya lunch’ if yinna don’t vote.”

  • Mary


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