Who you think will win the vote

AFTER the drama of Tuesday's election date announcement, Tribune242 readers were quick to give their predictions for May 7.

Commenters gave their forecasts, with some even offering a breakdown of how they think seats will be shared.

'Rontom' was one of the first off the mark and gave a dissection of how the election might go: "There are only two possible scenarios: Scenario 1 - FNM 28, PLP 7, DNA 3. Scenario 2 - FNM 18, PLP 13, DNA 7 . . . We are looking at two outcomes - the ending of careers for some in the PLP leadership will happen in either scenario and the second outcome is the possibility of defection within the DNA membership to the FNM party to form the government."

'Amir Thompson', however, wasn't convinced: "To say that there are only two scenarios with both ending in an FNM victory is outrageous and myopic at the same time. Add this scenario to your platter. FNM 12, PLP 24, DNA 1, Independent 1."

'Dacy' said leadership would be the deciding factor in May: "No matter how they try to spin it, in the Bahamas the election is about LEADERSHIP. . . (Hubert Ingraham) cannot lead forever, but he is the leader for this difficult season, he has proven he can handle the job and is excellent under pressure."

'Tojosmith' wasn't hopeful of the DNA's chances: "Traditionally, third parties don't do well. In '67, there was the NDP. Three of their candidates had been MPs. Every candidate lost their deposit save the leader, Paul Adderley. The NDP won zero seats. Remember the Vanguard from the 1980s? Nobody took them seriously . . . Sometimes independent candidates win seats, never members of third parties. So why should the DNA be any different? I predict they will win no seats, and most, if not all will lose their deposits."

The last-minute chaos at the Parliamentary Registration Department following the Prime Minister's announcement also sparked some lively discussion.

'Reader' thought the holiday weekend should have prompted a grace period: "I might be wrong, but I think the Act says the register is to be closed 'the day before' or 'the day prior' to the dissolving of the House, not 'one working day'.

"The day before was a public holiday as was Friday. There should be some grace period allowed because of these two public holidays. Maybe the Prime Minister could have said he would dissolve the House on Wednesday or Thursday and those of you who had not registered yet, you have 24 or 48 hours to do so. That seems to be an orderly way to call elections."

But 'Domingo' said there were no excuses: "There is no reason, none whatsoever, to not have registered already. People have to learn to follow rules as there are always consequences."

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