Bcp Wants Dress Code For Tourists




Bahamas Constitution Party leader, Ali McIntosh

AN enforced dress code for tourists in Nassau is one of the pledges by a party which is trying to get its message to the masses.

The Bahamas Constitution Party believes it has a fair chance at winning seats in the up-coming General Election if it can get its message out.

According to the party's 'Mandate 2012 - Hope For Bahamaland', the BCP's focus is on education, youth development, crime management and debt reduction.

The mandate also says the BCP will regularise and tax the country's illegal gambling culture, "continue discussions" on an organised public bus system and enforce a dress code for tourists in public places such as downtown.

S Ali McIntosh, running in Englerston, said Bahamian voters should not always "follow party lines" but instead vote for candidates according to their talents.

The other BCP nominees are Brenda Harris for Seabreeze, James Williams for South Beach, Simon Smith for Nassau Village, Colin Miller for Exuma and Ragged Island and Phillip Thomas for East Grand Bahama.

"I believe we have a fair chance if our message is heard. That's the primary thing," Ms McIntosh said.

The party has been "handicapped to some degree", she admits, in terms of a low budget and other challenges that face 'third' parties.

"But we've been working and we believe that we bring something to the table. The projects that we have planned and we've worked on all of these years. If it comes to the front, we should be able to have a fair chance."

Ms McIntosh said the BCP didn't want Bahamians to vote "just based on whether they're PLP or FNM".

"Give the candidates an opportunity," she said. "Who can come forward and be able to represent in the Parliament of the Bahamas a new generation of what we need.

"If we are just going on party lines we're going to miss the opportunity to have very intelligent persons and talented people who can bring forward a lot to change in Bahamian society.

"I think that is very important and we've been saying that for years and we want to bring that forward in the coming days."


islanxplora 6 years ago

I agree 100%, I work in the downtown area and honestly I'm tired of seeing half naked women walking Bay Street. In muslim countries you can he jailed or stoned for stressing that way in public, I'm not saying we should go to that extreme, but there need to be some form or dress code. There are stores in the inner city or Nassau with signs that say: "No barefeet, No sunglasses, caps, or bareback." So why are women shopping the street of down town half naked with all their a@@ hanging out? If they're on the beach fine, but to walk into a jewelry store with barefeet sandy feet or with two piece thong swimsuits I find disrespectful and rediculous!!


notsogullible 5 years, 12 months ago

So I guess you haven't seen the exposed breasts and buttocks that our very own voluptious, belly hanging out Bahamians show all over the place every day. Sounds like you can be the dress police for our very own out-of-control Bahamian girls who have suddenly been transformed into wannabe sl_ _ s. I hope you don't have a daughter, son, sister, brother, cousin, neice or nephew who goes to school with the mini-skirt (breaking all the school rules) showing all of their behinds or with the pants dropping down to a point on their behind that makes your stomach turn.


alisondlowe 6 years ago

heh heh. Two reasons this could never happen 1) I am sure those politicians don't mind one bit seeing ladies wandering around downtown in bikinis. 2) If we are going to tell visitors to dress decently, should Bahamians be subject to a "no pum pum shorts" in public rule? Just sayin'.


Rontom 6 years ago

Stupid idea. This was tried before. Its called National Socialism (NAZISM)


bullah 6 years ago

dumb idea. reform the jungaless if ya bored.

tourists are trying to catch all the sun they can while they can- let them enjoy themselves- we need it!!!


Victor 6 years ago

Seriously, Sister Leader? Tourism is our life blood and you want to go all Taliban on tourists, making them 'cover up'? What, do you think we live in Saudi Arabia? Private establishments are free to enforce a dress code. As long as people are not topless or naked on Bay Street, I could care less what they are wearing. If it offends you, stay off of Bay Street, you prude.


Sinclair253 6 years ago

This isn't a dumb idea, but it would be dumb to target tourist and risk damaging our number one industry. Public Indecency laws should be in place, and be addressed and applied in the right way. The law should be applied and upholded nationwide because local residents are guilty of dressing publicly indecent themselves. "Fix yourself before you can fix others"


Danie 6 years ago

smt Let the tourist enjoy themselves they keeping the economy afloat ! we got thousands of jungalis you can reform ! If you want a project aim at the youth of our nation!


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