Five Questioned Over Shooting, Stabbing Incident

Police are questioning five males in connection with a stabbing and shooting incident that has left a 25-year-old male of Yellow Elder Gardens in hospital.

The incident reportedly occurred shortly before 4.00pm on Saturday at a cemetery in Western New Providence.

The victim was taken to hospital where he is detained in serious but stable condition.

Police investigations continue.


notsogullible 8 years, 2 months ago

Anyone else feel that the PLP and DNA are actually EXCITED about and CELEBRATING the level of crime in this country? Is the need to be in power so overpowering and drunkening that it is drowning the need for those not in power to educate themselves about the real causes of crime? How does a government stop a jilted lover from pulling the trigger or putting a hit out on the significant other? How does a government prevent a child from playing with a weapon left so carelessly within his reach? How does a government stop a child predator from acting on his sick impulses to rape and kill a child picked up off the street? How does a government ...? I look forward to seeing the effects that the stricter measures recently passed in the house will have on dealing with those who have committed the crimes.


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