Party Vibes Reign At Political Rallies


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SOME say a political rally without entertainment is enough to force a person into a sleeping daze; others say the party is not as important as the Party's message.

What really keeps people coming back, rally after rally? Bahamians weighed in.

" On one hand, the crowd basically hypes me up and on the other hand, I care about what the speakers are saying. Everybody around me is dancing and carrying on and I enjoy that. I like how the moderators of these rallies, gear you up also. When they are not cracking funny jokes, they are singing songs or what not. They also make you feel like the victory is already ours and we already won, that is how hype it is and I like that," said a Progressive Liberal Party Supporter (PLP).

Election campaigns in the Bahamas often centre around political rallies. But for many political fanatics these rallies are just for the entertainment.

"It is a very nice social setting and sometimes you run into people you have not seen in a while. The music is good, loud and the performances always makes you dance. Also, the political candidates always have something comedic to say about the other party. I enjoy the fun atmosphere. And to my surprise, it is pretty safe, at least the few I attended," said a Free National Party (FNM) supporter.

To be informed about the issues and the facts, she looks to other outlets. For the entertainment, she turns out to the rallies.

Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette said the entertainment aspect of political rallies are just as important to the messages being delivered. Although the main purpose is to delivery the party's message, he said, people must be engaged in other ways.

"The message is very important, but can you imagine a rally with ten speakers and no entertainment, all of us would be asleep," said Mr Symonette.

Basing her comment on a recent Democratic National Alliance (DNA), one DNA supporter said she would have to agree.

"The DNA recently held a concert for change in Grand Bahama and I really enjoyed myself. It was nice to see one or two of the candidates dancing and enjoying themselves as well," she said.

While most political party supporters appreciate the party vibes, some people attending rallies are interested in listening to "every word". They look forward to how candidates use the platform as an opportunity to "set the record straight".

"The whole idea of the rally is to assure the people that we do believe in them and that we will put them first at all times. We do have very good entertainment, but even if you listen to some of the songs being done by the musicians, they include our message," said PLP media event coordinator Nikki Simmons

"The Geno D "Gold Rush" song, it talks about believing in the Bahamas. All of our entertainers are talking really about our message as well. Any songs that they sing, have to talk about believing in the Bahamas," said Ms Simmons.


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