Fnm Targets Victory In 12 Family Island Seats



THE Free National Movement will win 12 family island seats in the May 7 general election, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said last night.

Those seats comprise 15 of the 38 constituencies being offered.

Mr Ingraham made his prediction while speaking to party supporters in The Bluff, Andros.

He said: "We are way ahead in the campaign and we plan to take 12 of the Family Island seats."

Mr Ingraham also told supporters that the FNM aims to deliver their island from the PLP's governance with MP Picewell Forbes.

"Picewell Forbes will not make it in the elections. The race is between the FNM and that independent candidate (Whitney Bastian).

"That man Picewell Forbes, you will see no more.

"You've been fishing on the wrong side of the boat for a long time, and you haven't caught anything," he said.

Later at the party's Mass Rally in South Eleuthera, Bamboo Town candidate Cassius Stuart told supporters that PLP leader Perry Christie recently admitted he was a consultant for an oil exploration company.

Mr Stuart said: "Christie has already signed up as a consultant for the Black gold he along with many of his PLPs. They want the oil and they want it all."

"But you Bahamas, it is up to you to keep the PLP out."

The FNM will continue its campaign tomorrow in Nassau with a mass rally at Clifford Park.


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