Sir Durward's Gift To Urban Renewal


Sir Durward Knowles presents a cheque of $5000 to co-chairs of the Urban Renewal project, Algernan Allan and Cynthia “Mother” Pratt. Photo: Rashad Rolle


SIR Durward Knowles yesterday donated $5,000 toward the purchase of instruments for youth bands organised by the Urban Renewal 2.0 project.

Presenting the cheque to former Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia “Mother” Pratt, Sir Durward said: “I participated in a band and I know my donation is a small one for what they need.

“Band instruments are not cheap but bands and sports are the greatest things we can put forth to solve the problem of crime.”

Algernon Allen, co-chair of the Urban Renewal Project, said the $5000 will be used to “provide instruments for all the bands in the Urban Renewal programme.”

He said: “We are convinced that the programme is impactful to inspiring discipline and creativity in young people, which sociologists and psychologists have touted as valuable, and it’s a pleasure to receive a gift on behalf of the Urban Renewal band project from a man with a golden heart – the legendary Sir Durward Knowles.”

Sir Durward added: “We haven’t lost a generation. No one can be against ‘One Bahamas’. We are all about unity.”


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