Prime Minister's shock at Maynard's death


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PRIME Minister Perry Christie said he was shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden and untimely death of FNM chairman Charles Maynard.


Prime Minister Perry Christie

Mr Christie said when he first heard the news from Allyson Maynard-Gibson, the first cousin of Mr Maynard, he couldn’t believe that some so young and vibrant had passed away.

“Allyson Maynard, my Attorney General, called me and told me that Charles had died and she asked if she could come late to Cabinet because she was considering going to retrieve the body, and while she was telling me what happened I was just absolutely shocked that someone who was full of life and involved in a campaign would die,” he said.
“I know he had a lot of energy and he brought a lot of energy and experience to the FNM in the position that he had and so I was really shocked.

“Charles was a member of the party that I was in and when Dr Nottage formed the CDR, Charles formed it with him and when Dr Nottage returned to the PLP Charles found a position with the FNM and with Ingraham and became a Minister of State and then a full Minister of Cabinet.

“So he at 42 years of age, had been able to in a short period of time to perform significantly in the country in the capacity as a member of the Cabinet. He lost the elections to us but went right away and got an executive position as chairman of the FNM.”

Mr Christie said despite their differences in the past, Mr Maynard was a great man who will be missed dearly.

He also said the government will provide Mr Maynard with a official state funeral if the family so wishes.

“Even though in public life you have fierce differences, and I had my fierce difference with Charles Maynard, in death you are saddened deeply by it because you know it is an acute loss to his wife and children and an acute loss to his parents and siblings, who he was so very very close with,” he said.

“You know obviously he will be missed by his organisation and by his family and I would wish to extend the collective sympathy and condolences of the government and most certainly to his organisation the FNM for their loss.

“Also to his wife children and parents and siblings for their loss.

“We will obviously do whatever we have to do if they would wish us as the governing party to provide him with what he is entitled to in terms of the arrangements after someone has died and who has served in a high profile position.

“He is entitled to an officially recognised funeral but we will work with the family. We have the discretion to do some things and we will work with the family depending on what they would like.”


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