BTC negotiator's 'not paid $1m'


Prime Minister Perry Christie


Tribune Staff Reporter


A LOCAL tabloid’s article that $1 million will be paid to the government’s negotiating team for recapturing the majority shares in the Bahamas Telecommunications Company was dismissed as “completely false” by Prime Minister Christie.

Yesterday, hours after The Punch published its lead 
story – “PLP’s BTC Talks Team Set to Be Paid $1 million”– Prime Minister Christie released a statement denying the story.

“The story appearing on the front page of today’s Punch alleging that the Government’s negotiating team for BTC will receive the sum of $1 million is completely untrue,” said the statement.

“In fact, the members of the Government’s negotiating team are serving on a completely unpaid basis. They have not received, are not receiving, and will not receive any remuneration of any kind for or in connection with their services.”

The tabloid reported that the team, facing the obstacle of a $100 million penalty clause agreed by the previous administration under former PM Hubert Ingraham, would be paid $1 million for their services should the government succeed in recapturing two per cent of the shares giving them the majority 51 per cent shareholding of the telecommunications company.

At present government holds 49 per cent in the telecommunications company that was purchased by Cable & Wireless from the Ingraham government. Cable & Wireless holds the controlling 51 per cent, and recently reported that even with its 49 per cent government is earning more now than it did when it owned the whole company.

The negotiating team consists of Frankie Wilson, former Attorney General Sean McWeeney, lawyer Roena Bethel and former BTC CEO Leon Williams.

In lead up to the May general elections, Mr Christie and his party promised to negotiate with Cable and Wireless, controlling owners of BTC, concerning the government taking back two per cent of CW’s controlling shares.

The idea was met with much criticism, locally and internationally. However, Mr Christie and the government remain firm in their commitment to regain control of the company.


242352 9 years, 11 months ago

Can you trust them?

Probably not....

Most probably they are not getting paid directly but through a family trust or shares in something.

Snake don't work for free!!!

And by the way -- WHO IS BLUEWATER?


Guy 9 years, 11 months ago

I don't see why they should offer their services for free and I don't believe that they "will not receive any remuneration of any kind for or in connection with their services." Considering the sensitivity of this transaction and the unlikelihood of success, the government would want to attract the brightest and best negotiators which of course will come at a price. Which other Government consultant or negotiator works for free? If it doesn't make sense it's not true.


TalRussell 9 years, 11 months ago

Sweet Jesus how can you not decry these red shirts media friends, mainstream and fringe, when before and after they were fired by the natives from power, all thy know how talk is any kinds of nonsense if they think it will help this sad, rejected bunch of red shirts to retain the lawyer/fisherman's Cooper Town's House seat.

Their game of playing fantasy politics may seem like fun for them but not the 60,000 they took away paycheck opportunists from or the hundreds of families who had to bury their murdered relatives. All this from a once all powerful red regime that now finds itself with more "executive party officers" than they got's House seats. And...with even more red shirts falling over each otherr to step into the shoes of the late Comrade Charlie's job as party Chairman, with Comrade Duane always at the ready to grab any vacant position. You go figure that one out?

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by TalRussell


concernedcitizen 9 years, 11 months ago

i wondered why tal commented ,then i read thru again and saw HAI name ..tal can,t hear the name with out giving HAI some lovin ,,,lmao


Guy 9 years, 11 months ago

I have become so apathetic with Tal's posts. His perpetual diatribe against Hubert Ingraham and FNMs (or "Red shirts" as he calls them) is becoming old and irritating. I am getting nearer to ignoring his posts altogether.


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