Artists Unite For Ronnie Butler Tribute Concert


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MORE than twenty-three Bahamian musicians will hit the stage at the Botanical Gardens this Friday to pay tribute to musical legend Ronnie Butler.

The Bahamian Christmas Concert: D-Mac & Friends will feature twenty three artists, five bands, and six deejays. The event is spearheaded by Dillion “D-Mac” Mckenzie and features the largest lineup of Bahamian artists, musicians and deejays all on one night.

Attendees can expect much more than the average show, D-Mac said, as this is the first time a concert featuring over 23 Bahamian artist has ever been held. The show is slated to begin at 5pm with performances expected throughout the night. D-Mac said no one artist is headlining the event, so attendees can expect a highly energized performance from all on the event’s lineup.
A major highlight of the concert is that it will pay tribute to Ronnie Butler, who D-Mac said deserves special commendation for his talent, consistency, and longevity in the musice business.

“Ronnie Butler is a living legend. You cannot put a figure on his contribution to Bahamian culture or his contribution to our music. He deserves to be recognised for his great music and work over the years,” D-Mac said.
Too often the contribution of Bahamians, not only in arts and culture but other arenas, go unnoticed and are not celebrated. D-Mac said this is the reason they decided to pay tribute to Ronnie Butler.

“We wanted to give him his roses while he is still around. Ronnie Butler is very appreciative and humbled that we have chosen to pay tribute to him,” he said.
Though Ronnie Butler is listed as one of the artists to perform, D-Mac said he it is uncertain if he will hit the stage.

“He is not that well. If he wishes to perform he can, but at this time we are not putting any pressure on him to do so. We just want him to enjoy himself and have a good time,” he said.
“We just want to show solidarity and get Bahamian musicians together. Once we do it the first time, we can do it again and again, and get the support of the Bahamian public. We also want to show that Bahamians can put on an even better show than the international artists who come here to perform,” he told In Ya Ear.
Part proceeds from the event will go towards establishing a medical fund for Bahamian entertainers who need medical assistance.

“We want to do our part because there might be a time when I will need assistance,” he said.
D-Mac said he is looking to make the event an annual one spanning over two days, so a gospel segment can be hosted as well.


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