Why you vex? 12/13/12

Why You Vex?

“Muddoes dred, I vex cause the people who did not clean their yards and broke the nastiness laws gets a second chance and the innocent taxpayer pays for it, bad loan borrowers gets second chance wid taxpayer money (this matter of a private mortgage contract is strictly between the bank and the borrower), the criminals gets second, third, etc chance to be out on bail and still committing crimes, the retired 65-year-old cronies gets second chance an gets job again, some politicians who on other side of law gets second chance, tiefs even gets second chance, the numbers houses gets second chance to be made legit, the roadworks people gets second chance, the illegal shanty town squatters gets second chance to buy land, even the rapist looking for second chance, but the poor suffering who do right has to pay, get shot, cannot wear jewellery on the streets and is jobless..........yinna vex yet ?”

  • Unemployed

“Vex. Article in the papers says that the banks want to have their input in the consumer banking legislation after historic mortgage foreclosures and glut causing lowering of property values on this tiny island caused entirely by the banks. Ignorant customers did not give the bad loans by themselves, so it is finally time the customers have somebody on their side to protect them from harassing; threatening phone calls 24/7; government bank sending unsigned, threatening letters; banks having the best lawyers bullying poor customers evidenced by few if any wronged customers not taking legal action; lawyers refusing to challenge the banks for fear of not getting future business. Who helps the customer?”

  • Ombudsman

“I vex dat dis is one second chance society – over age of 65 gets rehired, ankle bracelet wearers committing crimes, 4,500 bad house loans. Politicians gets more chance, people who don’t clean their yards, government gon clean it for free, numbers houses chance to be legit, shanty town dwellers second chance to now own the land illegally squatted on, messed up road works company gets second chance. Muddoes, everybody who done wrong except the innocent and hard working must shoulder the slackness and burden, muddoes, it’s time the DNA too gets their second chance to put a stop on this rewarding slackness.”

  • Voter

“Oil in sea at Clifton, oil in water off Freeport, oil at Rock Sound, all polluting, so who is going to be the first politician to restart the talk about drilling for oil in our almost pristine waters and man cannot even control it on land?”

  • Gulf of Bahamas

“I’m vexed trying to figure out how the ship leaves Freeport Harbour without leaking oil and shortly while at sea then develops a large oil leak.”

  • Holmes

“I am vex because the Bahamas Christian Council totally missed the point by an eternity and got defensive when Branville McCartney indicated to them that the pastors should have been checking on the well-being of the victim of a fellow pastor.”

  • Brotherly love

“Vex. What a mess, tragedy, comedy of errors to pass by the mall and see Batelco having a Junkanoo session and sales promotion and then return home to suffer their misplaced priorities and not being able to access Batelnet because they are really playing Junkanoo instead of providing an iota of cell phone service, reliable internet. And they ripping off customers with their refurbished lemon phone trade-ins no return policy they recently had. Ticked off and angry.”

  • Working for my money

“Ease of doing business drop to 77th place and true to form the government of the Bahamas publishes notice in the papers to redirect the public to go to yet another place, their website, to see their new banking fees as though many pensioners, workers on work permits and others have internet to see where the fees hiding. Vex. Talk about transparency and accountability, but yet the government figures the gazette, the newspapers is good for public notices only. Heh.”

  • Jean Claude

“I vex, child puleese, I buck up into my former friend who was a recent big-time muck-a muck an didn’t had no time or cared to know their poor friends and think he was really someting, but now the power gone and now they is remember who they poor friend is and as much as they keeps looking at yinna to start conversation, I just play as though I never see them before, just like they did, an fix dey business, cause what comes round goes round, tek that.”

  • Learn ya lesson

“Vex that dis here country’s Parliament such a joke. Now I may only be a simple man, but in all dese years I be watching the House of Assembly proceedings on TV I have yet to see politicians working together, bringing ideas forth to better this small country. All dey do is grandstanding, one-upping each other and giving shout-outs to people whose vote they wanna secure. Useless.”

  • Baffled and stumped

Why You Happy?

“Kudos to the police and I am happy to see them repeatedly asking the public to assist as they try to lessen the vicious criminal element, but the public has always and will assist the police, it is just that the police should now ask the government offices to assist the police because the public knows that the accused criminal can be out on the streets soon again with or without ankle bracelets on bail, free to do crime again, an the public ain’t no fool now to take no risk.”

  • Rocket Scientist

“Happy to see some pastors advocating the drilling of oil but would be more happier to see them first advocating the protection and environmental laws of God’s most beautiful country against oil pollution outside Freeport, pollution of reefs an fish an undersea life, breaking the Commandment (tiefing oil) in Eleuthera, an oil sick off Clifton, and leave the sharing of any oil drilling profits to Caesar.”

  • Blessed

“Delighted to see that by a divine revelation BEC oil tiefing was revealed. And happy to recognise that it does not take a large number of personnel or lack thereof to realise it takes a certain number of gallons to fill a tank and excess disappearing. Also, any engine technician, purchasing clerk or Nassau official should be able to tell from the engine operation that if it only consumes 50 gallons a day the rest of the fuel, say 30,000 gallons, must be disappearing. Rank incompetence!”

-A little bit pleased


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