Suspect Asks To Choose Court Appointed Lawyer


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN accused of murder asked to choose his own court-appointed lawyer ahead of his 2013 trial.

However, Senior Justice Jon Isaacs told 19-year-old Sean Brown the Supreme Court could only make a request for an attorney, as the court registrar has the ultimate say.

Brown, of Rupert Dean Lane, initially hired Jomo Campbell to represent him before Justice Roy Jones on July 1. Mr Campbell appeared for Brown when he was arraigned in Magistrates Court in April.

Brown, who was not required to enter a plea, was charged with the April 2 shooting death of 24-year-old Noel Roker.

Yesterday, after being told his trial date, he asked the court if they could appoint Mr Campbell to defend him.

After being told the judge could only issue a request, Brown said he would try and get the money to secure Mr Campbellā€™s services.

The judged warned him that because of the seriousness of the matter, he should ensure he has a lawyer.

Brown was informed that after speaking with a court appointed attorney, if he still felt strongly about retaining Mr Campbell, he was free to do so.


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