Why You Vex? 12/22/12

Why You Vex?

“Mudda sic dred, vex that all this time Nassau’s finest police have not managed to investigate and put a stop to the illegal weapons coming into the country and into the hands of these wutless, no good murderers who deserve a flogging plus hanging for shooting all the victims who they rob.”

  • Law abiding citizen

“I am vex that while we are usually looking at the Junkanoo parade on Bay Street, the illegal migrants usually try invading our country from the Yamacraw area and the DNA idea of defence watch stations or outposts were never built.”

  • Patriot

“I vex when dis foreign expert with no discernible expertise tells me he done been in the Bahamas for two years and I see he ain’t had no Bahamian training, an dese politicians who say believe in Bahamians renewing yearly work permits swing plenty people with dat talk, yinna gats to be joking.”

  • Jobless Bahamians first.

“Vex all dese motorists playing wid my head, having a stink attitude, speeding, running lights, overtaking over the roads, only thinking bout dey selfish selves, no broughtupsy, as dey all is be trying to copy dis blessed Yuletide of peace and goodwill, listening to wonderful church services, many with nativity scenes of the perfect Christ child in the manger surrounded by sheep, goats, donkeys and other farm animals.”

  • Blessed

“Puleese, please gimmie a break, I vex dat all dem hifalutin political talk about having political experience to win elections and govern, an in some cases decades of experience, to run dis Bahamas, an we instead getting downgraded. Muddoes, it’s like we mussey setting the first college class case study on how to come from a developing nation to move backwards to third world ghetto.”

  • Hurting

“So much tiefing going on, especially the latest now discovered tiefing of oil, just like them poor African people whose country produces oil an they sometimes puts a hole in the oil pipelines to tief oil, except local copycats tiefing the oil big time from even the government own tanks from BEC.”

  • Advocate for the Cat

“Running hot and dead vex catching sense now that the politician(s) who said something like we would have policemen patrolling almost every street in high crime areas and now realise that is like one actual really true, true hologram image as they put one over on us to get the election votes. Policemen on every street, indeed!”

  • Get Swung

“Vex, $90,000 dollars for an audit of some tourism business is like lil’ chillren playing tit for tat or the small kids game where one child chases after another and when they can touch the other they shout ‘got ya’, it’s your turn now to catch me, and all Bahamians know like the last committee which noted that some people got some Exuma beachfront Crown land for a few thousand dollars for one purpose and sold it to profit hundreds of thousands of dollars and nothing happened, so tit for tat at the people’s expense. Got ya.”

  • Man and woman in da street

“Bey, dey government people dig up Bar 20 Corner road to put a new set of water pipes in and like dey is taking dere sweet time to put asphalt back on the open trenches, like dey mussey waiting for next election. Vex.”

  • Mororist

“Confused and vex to read that the Bahamas Christian Council is only now against the Gambling Referendum because it ‘violates national values, hurts the most vulnerable, it produces social problems, it promotes negative lifestyles, it increases crime, it harms the economy and dishonours God’, but glad that after 40 or so years, the thousands of pastors have finally seen the light, now if only they could be preaching, thou shall have no other gods before me, thou shall love your neighbour, thou shall not covet your neighbour’s tings, thou shall not steal, kill, thou shall keep the Sabbath holy and the other commandments.”

  • Tru, tru Christian

“Vex to see how the government people can fix dey face to tek 10 million of the people money to say dat dey is goin to be assisting 150 mortgage customers and dey does not seem to have nothing in place to say that these people ain’t goin to be having problems again, plus who making the rules ?

  • Taxpayer

“Whatever happened to all the politicians who said they believed in hanging the murderers. Senseless murders seem to be increasing as all the poor people already done gets robbed an ain’t have no more money or gold.”

  • Realistic

Why you happy?

“Happy to see there is true democracy in the church where one set of pastors are supporting the taxing of ‘numbers houses’ (gambling) and the other set of pastors are against sins of gambling. Now the referendum holders have to empirically figure out who goes to which institution.”

  • Pandora’s Box

“Happy that Christmas is almost here and many are thankful to remember the wonderful teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the reason of our being, and his many blessings to all.”

“I am happy to be making it round to another Christmas where I can get to see the many (a) fellow church-goers (b) wonderful Junkanoo groups (c) I am hoping to get a seat from a restaurant and (d) that my favourite group wins.


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