Why you vex? 12/29/12

Why You Vex?

“Oh, oh, not again, I starting to get dis feeling of vexation getting yuckked up again. The government says $119 million to buy 11 new Defence Force ships and the balance to upgrade the base bringing it to $200 million. Now where did I hear a starting figure of $119 million before ?”

  • Shaking in my boots

“Vex, cause how in the world that a Vote Yes paid consultant claims in an article 20.12.2012 that web shop operators take home $60 to $70 million per year, a fraction of the hundreds of millions circulating in the system. Muddoes, that is several truck loads of money and I vex that the Central Bank has to date not said anyting about all this money disappearing or appearing in the bank system.”

  • Play it straight.

“I ain’t gon lie now, but I running hot cause the people calling me to come pick up my cheque an leave message on the cell and there is absolutely no record of any phone calls on the cell and they have witnesses an proof. Batelco is a disgrace because beating primitive tribal drums or sending smoke signals would be 100 per cent better reception and service. Vex.”

  • Cell is Hell

“How come the authorities have concerns over the easing up of Cuban exit visas, which may cause challenges for the Bahamas. It ain’t like any visitor can overstay their welcome by finding a place in the bushes, build some shanties and illegally squat there for years without anything being done by the elected officials.”

  • Jean Claude

“BTC makes me vex because every time their lousy service drops a call they still get 20 cents or so and if say 100,000 cell phones have at least one dropped call per day they still gets $20,000 dollars per day reward for lousy service, and you have to call again to finish your conversation and that is why they are making so much money and URCA needs to investigate this.”

  • Ripped Off

“Vexed that government is focusing on taxing houses, which drives the prices of houses beyond the earnings of many just to service the increasing costs of acquiring first homes. Instead government should focus on collecting the estimated $100 million of lost Stamp Duty per year by placing a few more honest workers at the small number of ports of entry.”

  • Common Sense

“Muddoes, I vex now cause with all the unemployed construction workers the authorities should be building more government buildings instead of renting, and putting NIB money to good use.”

  • Observer

“Vex that the government is not following FEDEX which says it can grow by cutting costs.”

  • Business

“Remember over a year ago all the talk about 12,000 Chinese workers running all over Nassau making children and plenty fool talk. Bey, people sure fool cause ain’t no such ting happen. Goes to show how some people just plain prejudiced against others apart from playing more fool.”

  • Elephant memory

‘Vex to see that the American politicians are aware of the looming ‘fiscal cliff’ if they don’t come together and in the Bahamas they have to actually fall off the cliff by having Moody’s downgrade the government before they start talking.”

  • Jobless

“After, BTC saga, BEC overtime and fuel tiefs, NIB, as the world turns, no money for more boats to be docked in Nassau Harbour, still vex that Bahamasair is flying under the radar carrying the most massive national debt.”

  • Joe

“I vex at inconsiderate holiday shoppers who think they the only ones who need to buy gifts and lose all sense knocking down people in the stores and in the mall. Some people just don’t know how to behave.”

  • Left it too late

Why You Happy?

“I am happy that our little Bahamaland can send representatives to Syria to try and negotiate some peace treaty agreements or something like that.”

  • Tuna an Grits

“Happy to be enjoying the cool weather, looking forward to family, friends and loved ones.”

“Dead serious and happy to be surviving with the blessings of the Almighty during the Mayan end of the world.”

  • Christ my Shepherd.


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