People will not fall for the FNM again

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I UNDERSTAND it is the silly season but I am deeply concerned that want-to-be politicians who appear to have no conscience will stoop to any level to lie and deceive the people of this great Bahamas for their personal financial gain.

If my memory has not failed me, I believe the PLP and its leaders asked the Bahamian Public in 2002 to forgive them for the performance of the previous PLP Government and how they had been corrupted and the new PLP would usher in a new day.

Well, the people fell for this and elected them to Parliament to see what would happen. However, as soon as my friend became Prime Minister, he decided to bring back some of the same people who had been foremost in sullying the name of this Great Bahamas. It was not very long before the same old ways set in and to my knowledge nothing was done to try and stop it, it only got worse.

It amazes me that they believe the public has forgotten so quickly and would fall for this again because they are asking to be forgiven once again. What guarantee can they give to us that the same old things will not continue?

There are none so blind as those who do not want to see. The Bahamian people all over this country can see, touch and feel what has been done on almost every single island to improve their way of life. Now the PLP are crying foul and saying it is an election ploy - well muddo!

I listened as the people of Grand Bahama were told that the FNM were responsible for the way things are down there. I did not hear any one of them remind the people that the problems down there started under the PLP when the hotel and casino were shutdown. It is a shame they do not own up to their responsibilities, but just want to blame everyone else.

A couple of weeks ago, I was the subject of an MP's contribution in Parliament because it appears he does not remember history.

Also, it appears that the Deputy Leader of the PLP also is showing signs of amnesia because he too apparently forgot and can only remember what he wants from the Commission of Inquiry. The good Bishop Drexel Gomez said in his minority report that I was one of the only persons to testify before the Commission that told them the truth and nothing but the truth and he was so right because that is what I did.

I believe the motto of the PLP is to give a second chance or does that only apply to people who are PLP? I certainly would like to know if this is the case.

It appears to me that the PLP are on a suicide mission if what I read about the Customs fiasco is true. Also for "Brave" Davis to have nothing of substance to tell the Bahamian people on Tuesday night only to talk about Abner Pinder and what happened 28 years ago who is not a candidate for any party. It tells me that they are desperate for something they believe they can give to the Bahamian people that might be able to help their poor performance in the past.

I apologised to the Bahamian people for the mistake I had made and for the past 28 years I have helped to put a stop to anything that I knew to be against the laws of the Bahamas. I wonder if they can say in truth and honesty that they have done the same and have done nothing that is wrong for 28 years. I have also spent those 28 years helping all and sundry, whether they were PLP or FNM or whatever they might be as long as they were human beings and they needed my help and with God's help I will continue, much to their annoyance. I repeat once again - envy and jealousy - are two serious illnesses that eat at the soul of human beings and if you can't get rid of these things they will destroy you.

In a nutshell, most Bahamians are very appreciative that throughout this great Depression we are going through, this Government has not had to lay-off civil servants like other major countries all over and the PLP knows that no matter what they try to spread, their record of incompetence, corruption and failure will haunt them for a long time in the minds of the public.

In closing - it won't be long now before the people of the Bahamas will show that they are not as gullible as the PLP believe they are and life will go on.


Spanish Wells,

February 24, 2012.


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