Dna Launches Election Bid


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Democratic National Alliance officially launched its 2012 election campaign at the party’s headquarters yesterday.

Under the theme “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”, some 100 supporters gathered for the premier of the DNA’s first commercial, said to be one of many to come by party leader Branville McCartney.

Revealing more candidates than any other party thus far, Mr McCartney said the DNA is leading the way in the 2012 election campaign.

“The horse is out of the stable,” he said. “We have ratified and announced more candidates than both parties, held significant town meetings on crime, immigration, education and the economy, have reached out and attracted the young, middle aged, middle class, poor, and discouraged Bahamians from all walks of life, championed the causes of all Bahamians.”

Utilising the DNA’s official website and social media, Mr McCartney said the party gained more followers than the other parties combined.

“Mr Ingraham says it’s between the FNM and the PLP, but the media rated us above Mr Ingraham and ignored Mr Christie completely for its 2011 Newsmakers of the Year: But, you ain’t seen nothin yet,” he said.

Mr McCartney said the DNA is ready to “take on the two-headed monster” and become the next government of The Bahamas, to pass the necessary Bills and make the necessary changes to empower the people.

“We are ready, today, to take over the reigns and bring this nation back to the ideals of its forefathers,” said Mr McCartney.

“The DNA is ready to serve our people today and lead them back to the Christian morals that are at the very core of who we are as a people and a nation.”


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