Thinking out of the box

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WE HEAR so much from the politicians and the Downtown Development Board about their high-flouting plans for the City of Nassau however the worst offenders in messing the city up seem to be government.

Who did the years-old tree on the top of Cumberland Hill at the west end of Princess Street offend? A chain saw cut that to the ground recently leaving for the ugliness of the street a vendor's cart right on the corner. The buildings on that corner are dated to the late 17th century and from prints I have seen the tree was there for almost as long. Someone needs to explain? Road improvement I hope not?

Tree gone - kudos to the Down Town Development Board or Ministry of Works.

If only we can understand where beauty is rather than trying desperately to put everything new and artificial.

The Vendue House development....the unfortunate fire has given the restorers, those who really have the interest of restoration of Bay Street a golden opportunity - I know plans have been drawn up but why couldn't we remove the first floor of Vendue House and restore it to it's original design, open the old archways and re-create what the building was....A place where slaves were sold.

Mannequins could be obtained....dressed in appropriate period clothes and an audio recording could be available to visitors and alike in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin explaining the historic significance of the location.

Am I thinking too far out of the box? Why can't Town Planning also remove all those ugly billboards on the old Mademoiselle building and other buildings? Is it so difficult to think, Editor? Archives have all the prints and sketches.



December 28, 201l.


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