Pompey Square Eyes Winter 2012 Finish


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CONSTRUCTION on the $2.5 million Pompey Square ‘green space’ is expected to be completed between October  and  early November 2012, and will provide “the catalyst” for the visual revitalisation of Bay Street and Nassau’s city.

Speaking with Tribune Business yesterday, the Downtown Nassau Partnership’s (DNP) project manager ,Gevon Moss, said the development would cost around $2.5 million.

Last December, fire destroyed a portion of the northern side of Bay Street, ripping through the temporary Straw Market, the Pompey Museum and the Old Nassau liquor store building. It was the second Bay Street fire for 2011.

Work on Pompey Square, a green space next to the Pompey Museum, coordinated between the Government and the DNP,  had been halted as a result of the fire.

But Mr Moss told Tribune Business: “We are certainly satisfied with the progress of the work being done at the Pompey Square, and we expect that it should be completed sometime between October and early November.

“That’s when it should be fully functional, up and running. We are satisfied that we are on schedule with that.”

Mr Moss added: “It was originally thought of as a green space, and that’s certainly going to be an aspect of it, but it will also be an area where you can host small concerts.

“There’s also going to be a pop-up water feature in the middle. There will also be some opportunities for kiosks; it’s not a lot, but that is also going to be a part of the square. We want to make certain we are providing enough kiosks, but we don’t want it to be a marketplace.

“We want to have things that are very helpful and conducive to the square. The surrounding businesses will also support the square by shifting their business to match it. For example, in some buildings  you may see a coffee shop or delicatessen and outdoor bars that will flow into the square.”

Mr Moss said the Pompey Square would reap huge dividends for the downtown area.

“We think this will will certainly pay dividends because it will provide an anchor for downtown, and almost a catalyst for the visual revitalisation for the city. It will almost serve as a centre and a starting point for the visual revitalisation. Once we get it up and running, and it becomes what we expect it to become, we think others will come on-board,” Mr Moss said.


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