Government to put forward legislation for 100-day promises


Prime Minister Perry Christie


Tribune Staff Reporter


PRIME Minister Perry Christie said the government will pass the necessary legislation to ensure all campaign promises are kept.

Mr Christie said legislation required to fulfil the remaining “first 100 day” pledges made by his Progressive Liberal Party will be tabled when the House of Assembly reconvenes July 25.

He said: “We are bringing legislation to meet the requirements of our 100-day programme. So all legislation that will enable us to meet what we said we will do in the first 100 days of our government, the legislation will come to Parliament connected with that.

“It will be a myriad of bills that we will put forward and expect to pass.

“It is coming from the Attorney Generals office and we will soon have it for Cabinet to review and then we will agree for them to go to Parliament next week.”

Day one of the first 100 days was marked by the government’s first Cabinet meeting. Since then, The Tribune has noted progress on five of the 14 initiatives promised during that period.

Since that first meeting, the government has: launched its Urban Renewal 2.0 programme, created a ministry specifically for Grand Bahama, re-established the ministry of Financial Service and Investments, reduced the level of stamp tax on real estate and reintroduced a ceiling on the maximum level of real property taxes payable on a residence.

The PLP’s mortgage relief plan, much-anticipated by some sectors of society and strongly criticised by others, continues to be discussed, but no action has been taken.

Other promises include: increased investments in education and training, heightened border security, a re-focused Bahamas Development Bank, an Employee Pension Fund Protection Act, National Health Insurance, a plan to lower electricity costs, a 40th Anniversary of Independence National Congress, and details of a referendum on a national lottery and gambling in the Bahamas.

Opposition leader Dr Hubert Minnis has repeatedly criticised the Christie government for not moving more swiftly to enact its campaign promises.


concernedcitizen 10 years ago

he has been working on unemployment ,didn,t olg hound dog Godrey Eneas get a couple appointments ,and 82 year olf Baltron ,the funnel ,Bethell become a senior consultant to the ministery of finance ,the only thing he knows about gov ,finances is how to make them dissapear ,dam why not dig up nine rolle ,and is sim bowe still around ,and whats with R ,drive straight to the plane, Pinder ,whoes toy is he ??


concernedcitizen 10 years ago

he has been working on unemployment ,didn,t old hound dog Godrey Eneas get a couple appointments ,and 82 year olf Baltron ,the funnel ,Bethell become a senior consultant to the ministery of finance ,the only thing he knows about gov ,finances is how to make them dissapear


concernedcitizen 10 years ago

are you going pass legislation to say WE MUST STOP KILLING OURSELVES , along with U/R 2.0 that will stop it ,,lmao


TalRussell 10 years ago

PM you know aggressively I stood my voice up to support your return to power leading up to Decision Day 2012 and I am still on your team but you need to know that there are far more important priorities for your government to be digging your teeth into over listening to the numbers rackets man's, who are the leading proponents for legalizing their criminal activities.

PM don't you see how they have already started to corrupt some pastors. 

PM why not spend this time, energy and your limited resources to holding a national discussion via Town Hall meetings cross our Bahamaland, Why are you gong to spend millions of dollars of taxpayers money to push the racketeers desires to become legal., not to mention the governments ugly role in promoting a new tax upon the backs of the poor.  Your former law partner, the Original " Hubert A, was a proponent of dangling police guns in the faces of our confused youths. Now, it's your turn PM to dangle 'carrots of alternatives' to encourage our youths to stay and get back on the right paths. To stay in school and not leave early to start selling false hopes on the payrolls of the numbers man's. 

PM I gotta tell you upfront. I do not stand my voice up to have my PM doing business with these numbers man's.

PM..please, I ask that you and your cabinet to please take the time to review this video of which the management team up at ZNS TV allowed these numbers man's and the now "sensitized" to the numbers rackets pastors, to use Bahamaland's public broadcasting network to air some of the best reasons or you NOT to loan your good name in becoming associated with these numbers man's, or as they want to be called these days...the "cultural wagering" man's.

PM not only have they started to "sanitized" our pastors but listen to the daily talk shows and you quickly sense these "cultural wagering" man's are already smelling success. at the Referendum polls. 

PM you must cancel this planned transgression against the very people who are the ones who voted you back in as a majority government, to give you another chance at "helping" them, not betraying them with more taxation.

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by TalRussell



concernedcitizen 10 years ago

tals i agree with some of your points ,however, say perhaps the referendum is againts it or we have no referendum ,therefore its illegal . if the goverment cracks down won,t it just go back to the old days ,sold at vegatable/fruit stands etc ,with corrupt cops helping move the cash and tipping off the big guys ..its very hard to legislate morality ,i,e alcohol prohibition ,marajuana laws from the early 1900...at lest this way the gov,gets some of the revenue ,with our debt how much revenue would it take to completey shut it down ,if that is possible ,can you imagine the cost of arresting and incarcerateing 100 low level numbers sellers ...then what are you going to fine them 500 dollars ,that doesn,t begin to cover the man hours involved ..


spoitier 10 years ago

Any project takes time and money to complete(scope, time, and budget), if the PM is going to spend time and money to to to set up laws to make sure he does what he promises, isn't that counter productive and taking away time and money from actually doing what he promise?


concernedcitizen 10 years ago

Actually according to P Galanis in an article in the guardian PGC has until the middle of october. Mr Galanis said not to count weekends or holidays in the hundred days . Apparently we all go into comas from friday untill monday morning and on holidays ..For that and other articles making the illogical appear logical ,Mr Galanis was award with a chairmanship or something ..


Arob 10 years ago

Comrades, You are overlooking the fact that the PLP government wants to be rated on "passing legislations". If we look at the average time frame for creating laws in our country, is not less than 90 days. It is not a secret that we are noted for passing laws but we are also noted for our inability/refusal to enforce our laws). Unfortunately, some of us, some Bahamian people, want action. The "proof of the pudding" is in the eating. We want to rate the PLP government on its ability to enact/enforce/execute the legislations.


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