Doctor's Indecent Assault Trial Delayed


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AN emergency room doctor accused of indecently assaulting a woman nearly two years ago told a magistrate yesterday he was not starting trial without his original defence attorney.

Krysta Mason-Smith, defending Dr Lynwood Brown, relayed this to Court 10 magistrate Guillimina Archer, and asked the magistrate for an adjournment so that her client would have her senior, Murrio Ducille, defend Brown in the next session of the proceeding.

Magistrate Archer granted the request and stood the matter down to June 26 at 10am.

Last July, Brown, 38, a physician at Doctors Hospital and then prospective PLP candidate, pleaded not guilty to indecently assaulting a woman during the early hours of September 7, 2010.

His trial was set to begin on November 1 before magistrate Guillimina Archer. At the arraignment, Brown's attorney, Devard Francis, argued that the charge was invalid as the complaint had been made too late.

Magistrate Archer said the charge was valid and proceeded with the arraignment.

Brown then hired Mr Ducille to appeal the ruling in the appellate court where the appeal was initially granted and the charge against him was discontinued.

However, in February, Ramona Farquharson-Seymour went to the Court of Appeal producing documented evidence signed by Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez that the matter was filed in time.

The previous decision was overturned and a trial date was set for June 6 where Calvin Seymour would prosecute the case.

Yesterday, Brown personally requested to have Mr Ducille represent him going forward, rather than associate Mason-Smith handling the case.

Mr Ducille was in Supreme Court waiting for the conclusion of a murder trial that lasted longer than anticipated, said Ms Mason-Smith.

The indecent assault matter was set down to June 26. Four witnesses are expected to give testimony including the alleged victim.


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