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WITH grade twelve students complete their high school years and await entering the real world, one of the main events they look forward to is prom night.

Fashion, fun and creativity all counts in making prom night one of the most memorable culminating experiences.

Tribune Entertainment asked a number of Bahamians about the best prom entrance they have ever witnessed, as well as ideas on a good 2012 entrance.

Some were amazed by the level of preparation and dedication many people put into their prom night, while others said they have yet to see "the best entrance," stating that a helicopter arrival has never been done in the Bahamas, to their knowledge.

A Trolley Entrance

Just when he thought he had seen it all, Jeffrey Davis* said he saw the unusual prom entrance that had him stunned.

"A guy came sitting inside of a trolley while his date was following him escorted in a limo. I didn't really get the reason as to the whole concept, but I thought it was very interesting, I laughed but I was amazed. He was being pushed by a few guys, I guess his friends, and they were all dressed in coat suits and he had on a full face Halloween mask. It was weird, but interesting," said Mr Davis.

Purple Poodle

Stacy Kemp*, said dogs are not only good pets; they are also good accessories. She watched a dog serve as an escort for prom.

"I remember a girl who came with a poodle that matched her dress, the dress was purple. I was trying to figure out where she was going with her theme, but I guess she just wanted to stand out from everyone else. I think a good 2012 entrance would be arriving in a helicopter. I don't know how that would be coordinated but it would make for a cool entrance," said Ms Kemp.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is not only a fairy tale princess in a book. She was actually in the Bahamas last year, according to Bahamian who spotted her at prom.

"This couple, they came in a hearse and the girl pretended to be dead. Her date comes out and goes on the side where she was laying and lays a kiss on her. She suddenly woke up and they made their way to the door. The crowd thought it was cool, they started to cheer."

2012 Celebrity Entrance

Just in case you ran out of ideas this year, Crystal Sands* said a good idea would be to arrive with a celebrity date.

"A good 2012 entrance would be coming with a surprise celebrity or something. It would be good to see the lady or the man coming in first and all of a sudden, a celebrity such as Chris Brown or Beyonce pulls up as your date. I bet that person would be the talk of the town for years," said Ms Sands.

Kids Participation

Carline Cooper* said it is always good to see the "tiny tots" lending a hand in helping their older siblings, by escorting them to their prom.

"I like when they have kids participating in the prom entrances. There was a prom I saw where a little girl was acting as a flower girl for her big sister. She was dropping flowers ahead of her, almost mimicking the "Coming to America" movie. There was another one where a little boy, no older than five years old, he was a page boy. He came out of the car with his sister's shoes on a white pillow and walked over to her door and placed them onto her feet. They were in an antique car," said Ms Cooper.

Prom Mom

Not something you would usually hear, but Kayla Dorsett* said she remembers a woman whose only wish was to organise the best prom entrance there is for her daughter. Simply because she was unsure of her ever being able to afford a wedding in the future.

"This was a few years ago, like in 2006 or so, where this Bahamian mom was saying she don't know if she would ever have the opportunity to throw her daughter an extravagant wedding, so she decided to go all out and over the top for her prom. The dress was rumored to be in the thousand dollar range and she arrived in a hummer limo; it was just the works and fabulous," said Ms Dorsett.

Chinese Twins

Ever heard of life size Chinese dolls? Amanda Hamilton* said she saw them up close and in person at her very own prom in 2001.

"There were two twin sisters that came to prom as Chinese twin dolls. They came in a big flat bed truck and no one knew what was going on, it was very nice though. The unusual thing was they were wrapped as gifts at first and their dates came out and unwrapped them and unveiled the two live dolls. That was the biggest and best entrance I have ever seen in my life personally," said Ms Hamilton.

2012 Junkanoo Parade Entrance

Junkanoo lover, Chris Thompson* said he has never seen someone go all out with Bahamian flavor, so a Junkanoo parade would make for a memorable entrance this year.

"I think a Junkanoo parade entrance would make for an excellent 2012 prom feature. It would be unusual, but cool all at the same time. I know for sure that the crowd would be moving that's for sure. The whole feel of the colors and the vibration would have people focused on them," said Mr Thompson.

Biker Show

The Bikers were in full force at the prom Sean Gibson* decided to attend a few years ago. He said what made it amazing, was the scene it caused.

"The best one I have seen thus far was a bike show entrance. It was like 10 bikers pulling up in the front of a limo. It was the best because they were making a big scene; it was noisy and entertaining. It grabbed everyone's attention," said Mr Gibson.

*Names have been changed.


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