Making Bags At Home

By Teri M. Bethel

A number of people are opting to make their own stylish handbags at home. There are a several reasons for this I'm sure. But I'd like to think that the main reason is not just to save a penny but rather to express individuality and creativity in designing and wearing a handbag that you made yourself.

It's a feeling second to none to know that you created that beautiful bag draped across someone's arm. It's even more exciting that an onlooker took the time to say... "Hey that's a really cute bag. Where'd you get it?"

Although fabric painting on a bag is gorgeous to look at, faux alligator and other faux exotic skins also make a great looking bag. But the beauty in the handmade handbag you created yourself is not limited to your materials although materials do play a hefty role. No, a basic cotton fabric purchased from the remnant rack can look times grander when attention is given to detail.

So really that's the clincher between a handmade purse and a homemade one. Handmade speaks of quality, homemade is often a low budget rush job; puckered at the seams, inconsistent and imbalanced. Of course that's not across the board with all products made from home. Handmade items can be made from home but usually have a higher standard.

If you are considering selling you handmade purses or garments, ensure that your fabrics are properly pressed and have neat and consistent stitching. Ask yourself the question: "Could my handbag sit on a store shelf next to a name brand bag?" Or would it look terribly awkward?

For a newbie bag designer, you do not need oodles of creativity to make a bag. Basic bags are a nice place to start; from there when your confidence develops with your skill you will find yourself stepping out to make imaginative designs that even surprise you. But before you get too far ahead of yourself, remember quality, quality, quality; even a well made unimaginative bag will sell before a bag with an exciting design that has been poorly made.

While making bags is not rocket science, presenting a quality product does take some time and effort. Yes, any one can produce a well made, handsome handbag: even you.

Teri M. Bethel is a texture painting and handbag instructor. She is the designer of Teri Monique Handbags, a line of custom made art purses for ladies. Visit us at: http://www.paintwithtexture.com Tel: 242-676-4474


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