Fun day event helps people to 'fight the bite'


Kenred Dorsett

THE Ministry of Housing and Environment hosted a "fight the bite" children's fun day this past weekend at the Department of Environmental Health Services Complex on Farrington Road.

This event was held in an effort to educate young children about dengue fever and how to prevent it.

They were told about simple ways that they can control mosquitoes that may be breeding in containers around their homes.

"This fun day is a part of the Department of Environmental Health Services' ongoing programme to educate all members of the public about mosquito control and prevention of dengue fever," said Minister of Environment and Housing Kenred Dorsett.

"All of us would remember last year's dengue fever outbreak. The ministry and the department have intensified their promotion of mosquito prevention measures since the start of the year in an effort to get the community, parents, teachers, students, business owners, aware of what they must do to prevent mosquito breeding in their environment, homes and businesses."

"The fight the bite programme involves schools, community associations, increased use of the television, radio and the newspapers.

"The department has created a theme song, which encourages community participation. The programme includes all of the Family Islands because mosquitoes are everywhere and it takes the active involvement of all of us to prevent mosquito breeding. Even children can play a significant role by making yard checks to find containers of water, emptying them or covering them up."

Mr Dorsett reminded children how they can play a part in reducing the number of mosquito habitats around the house and yard.

"Remember: empty, cover up, throw out. Empty, because no water no mosquito. Cover up, so that mosquitoes don't enter. Throw away if it's not needed," said Mr Dorsett.

"We are presently in the rainy season and while the department is doing everything it should to prevent or limit mosquito breeding, everybody's help is necessary. Mosquito control is a community responsibility, so join our efforts."


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