It's Our Natural Resource, Stupid!

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I REMEMBERED when the PLP came to office in 2002, Mr. Christie often echoed the phrase, and "The voice of the people is the voice of God."

Well, in 2007 the Lord spoke in a mighty way as he swept the PLP out of office in one lightening motion. They made record as the first "one term" government in Bahamian history. Mr. Christie's departure from high office was timely, as during his short period he had sold nearly a third of Nassau's prime land on the Cable Beach strip, stopping only shy of selling his own home.

If that was not enough, he had all but sold off nearly 75 per cent of Mayaguana's prime land to the I-Group.

To add insult to injury, he was selling some stuff on credit.

I recall some former members of his cabinet were set to walk away with Batelco in their back pockets.

What is even more striking is the law firm that seems to have its hands in every deal. I speak of none other than Davis & co, the firm of Mr. Christie's Deputy Leader and his proposed Deputy Prime Minister should the PLP be successful on May 7th, Mr. Brave Davis.

Even in opposition, Mr Christie and the PLP cannot pretend to have the scruples to lead effectively, applying common sense to the task at hand.

It would not seem that the latest ploy is to devise a plan to dig up the bed of the world's third largest coral system on a "fishing exhibition" for oil.

Is Mr Christie, who appeared to sell anything his hands got on while as Prime Minister, getting set to sell everything under the sea the next time round?

Mr Christie and Brave Davis admit to providing legal consultation to a group, vying for government's approval to drill into our precious resources to see if they "might" find oil. They are not even certain if the oil is there. To further complicate the matter, he intends to be Prime Minister by the time the proposal reaches cabinet. Is it perchance so that he and his Deputy Brave Davis can grant approval for the advice they were paid for in their personal capacity only a few months earlier?

Now if that isn't conflict of interest then what is?

Mr Christie and Mr Davis take Bahamians for fools. They think we do not have enough sense to want our waters and ecosystem preserved for our children and future generations.

If Mr Christie and his deputy do not have what we would consider integrity, then let us show them better than we can tell them.

Vote FNM because in the FNM we DELIVER.

NaToya Russell


May 1, 2012.


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