Accused Policeman In Court Today


Tribune Staff Reporter


A POLICEMAN on $10,000 bail returns to court today to face a firearm possession charge, along with five other men who were arraigned on drug possession charges yesterday.

Officer Kensil Burrows, 32; along with Kendrick Smith, 32; Kevin Dorius, 31; Kenlexus Mackey, 30; Dion Campbell, 42; and Neil Ferguson, 36, appeared before Magistrate Joyanne Pratt-Ferguson, charged with possessing five grams of marijuana. It is claimed they committed the offence on Tuesday, May 1.

The police and the other accused, save for Neil Ferguson, pleaded not guilty and were granted $10,000 bail.

They were not arraigned on the firearm charge, as the police prosecutor indicated there was an error on the docket.

The Magistrate deferred Ferugson's case until today, as he is also to be arraigned on the firearm charge, which is connected to the drug case.

That matter resumes today in Court 9, Nassau Street, at 2pm.


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