Disgust Over Plp Posters

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THANKS for allowing me a space in your esteemed paper to express my disgust with some PLP posters that were placed on the light poles in the vicinity of the Marathon Mall. How despicable can those who aspire to become the next government of the Bahamas to display such gutter politics!

They cannot deny the improvements done at that intersection, so they put up those negative posters to discredit the FNM government. How low will they sink to drag down the progress that the Ingraham administration has made?

One would think that the leaders of the PLP would be more mature persons, but they are exhibiting their drought of veracity and integrity with such messages.

As far as their accusation that the FNM is responsible for the almost 500 murders over the past five years - how ludicrous and disingenuous is this charge. Who among the FNM members are committing these murders? It is so self-serving to blame the FNM for the actions of those who are responsible for their own destruction behaviour. Mr Christie seems to forget how the murder rate was out of control on his watch and there were calls for him and Mother Pratt to resign because of the situation.

Mr Christie, you promised to run a positive campaign. If the TV and radio ads being run by your party are your concept of a positive campaign, then heaven help us if your party becomes the next government.



April 21, 2012.


242 5 years, 10 months ago

Well, they are in now. So are they going to advertise the amount of murders on their watch like 9 in one week. and 9 shot at once in a night club. Nope. Because "The former government caused this and Ingraham cause that"


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