Youth Group Calls For Honesty In Government

THE new government must be transparent and honest, says a youth organisation.

The Advisory Youth Council of The Bahamas said yesterday that the General Election had shown the world the vitality and 'strong fabric' of Bahamian democracy.

The group's President Latrae Rahming congratulated Perry Christie on his win and thanked the former PM, Hubert Ingraham, for his "profound service" governing the country.

The newly elected government had laid out a detailed plan including creating opportunities and jobs for thousands of Bahamians, strengthening the middle class, doubling education investment, and ensuring people's safety, said Mr Rahming.

"We would hope the newly elected government carry out their promises of their first 100 days, but we also understand that circumstances can change and the challenges we face can't be fixed in one day or one term," he added.

The election results were an expression of people's frustration and disappointment with their elected officials, said Mr Rahming.

"We now have to move forward together and begin the healing process throughout our nation," he added.

"We realise more than ever that the electorate insists on leaders that reach out in consultation as they decide the future. And it's clear that the electorate refuses to be excluded from government and political power. The Advisory Youth Council of The Bahamas is confident that this government will restore people's confidence in their ability to solve the challenges we endure as a country."

Mr Rahming said he looked forward to developing a partnership with the new government, as his organisation consults and gives advice on issues that affect Bahamian young people.

"It is our duty to ensure that we hold all elected officials accountable," he said.

"We expect nothing less than transparency, honesty, and integrity from our government, and we look forward to a government that works for the benefit of every citizen. We wish this new government the highest level of success, understanding that we are all Bahamian," he added.


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