'Fnm Must Be United'



THE FNM must leave its upcoming convention as a unified political party ready to begin the road back to being the government, opposition MP Loretta Butler-Turner said.


Loretta Butler-Turner

Throwing her support behind Killarney MP elect Dr Hubert Minnis, Mrs Butler-Turner said that the party must select a 'new and relevant' face people can identify with so that it can begin the 'long and hard' work of regaining the trust of the Bahamian people.

At the FNM's upcoming one-day convention, on May 26, the party's leader Hubert Ingraham is expected to step down allowing for elections of offices throughout the organisation.

Currently, Dr Minnis has been given the post of Leader of the Opposition in the House of Assembly.

Mrs Butler-Turner told The Tribune that she has given her full support to electing Dr Minnis as the party leader at convention, and said she is willing to offer herself as his deputy.

However, the most important thing that needs to happen is that the party regroups as a vibrant opposition.

She said: "We have to come out of this unified and we have to be able to ensure that this incoming government is held accountable to everything that they have promised the Bahamian people."

Mrs Butler-Turner added that there must be a smooth transition between governments without victimisation.

She said she was disappointed to hear about the departure of ZNS radio talk show host 'Chrissy Love' just seven days after the election. Mrs Butler-Turner said people needed to feel they could express their democratic rights without fear. She said that otherwise people begin to lose faith in democracy.

The Long Island MP elect also pointed out the FNM party still has a huge support base as the PLP government is not a 'majority government' having not received 50 per cent or more of the popular vote.


FNMANDProud 8 years, 1 month ago

It is extremely important that in the officer core of the FNM - Chairman, and other officers be filled with new faces who can begin the preparations for the transformation of our beloved organization.

We are thankful for the service of Carl Bethel, Dion Foulkes and Tommy Turnquest but they need to convert to advisers of the next generation. The sad reality is most Bahamians don't wish to see them in front line anymore.

I just hope and pray they get the message.


moncurcool 8 years, 1 month ago

It is good to see that someone finally makes the point that the PL did not win more than 50% of the vote. I wonder if Perry Christie feels he now has the moral authority to lead this nation. When the FNM won the government in 2007 with less than 50% of the vote, Perry Christie was allover crying that the FNM did not have the moral authority to lead having less than 50% of the vote. Fast forward to 2012, and his party received less than the 50% so he needs to tell the public that he does not have the moral right to lead this nation.

It amazes me what politicians will say and promise, just to get in and once they get in their talk changes.

This is now a good time for the FNM to reunite, move out some of the old guard and faces, work the ground. Don't do like the PLP and whine for 5 years about urban renewal and all the other stuff. Present to the Bahamian people alternatives to the government plans and support when it is good, and hold them accountable. 2017 is coming.


notsogullible 8 years, 1 month ago

FNM's lift your heads high and be proud. Remember, we are a different class of people. I'd like to remind us that we lost by only 10k votes and those went to our curious brothers and sisters who dared to experiment with the DNA. Despite the landslide number of seats won by the PLP, we must be reminded that this election was VERY CLOSE. Let's press on and prepare for battle again in five years. We remain the only party with a record of delivery, non-victimisation and opportunity for all. BE PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


positiveinput 8 years, 1 month ago

Wheres the photo experts now? notsogullible care to say what comes to mind now with this pic.


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