No Contest Over Fnm Leadership


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE candidates running for the top two leadership posts within the Free National Movement will not be contested, The Tribune has learned.

According to sources, the leader and deputy leader of the official opposition will be Killarney MP Hubert Minnis and Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner, respectively.

Mrs Butler-Turner announced her decision to throw her hat into the ring as four FNM senators were sworn-in yesterday.

With the party's convention less than two weeks away, Mrs Butler-Turner said she has already started canvassing delegates and has launched a social media platform in a bid to capture voters.

"We're now going to be presenting with a new face of the FNM now that (former leader Hubert Ingraham) has announced that he will be demitting the seat," she said.

"We think it's very important for the FNM to regroup very quickly and be able to be relevant and to present relevant faces to the electorate that we can be able to regain the government in a very short time."

Female representation in the party's leadership would prove advantageous, according to Mrs Butler-Turner, who highlighted her parliamentary and ministerial experience advocating for the rights of women and the nation's youth. She added that she had the support of the other male-elected parliamentarians.

"It's really unfortunate that even the make up of our lower chamber today is not representative of The Bahamas electorate, in that we still have a larger number of females that were able to vote in the last general elections as opposed to males," she said.

"I think in terms of the direction for parties there has to be a nod to the female vote. I think by me throwing my hat into the ring obviously I'll be able to try and woo the female voters, and I think that it gives good balance for both genders in terms of what we'll be able to bring as a leadership team."

Dr Minnis was sworn in as Leader of the Opposition last week.

Highlighting the unanimous support of Killarney MP for the parliamentary post, Mrs Butler-Turner said Dr Minnis will make an excellent leader as the party focuses on continuity, rebirth and growth.

Last night, party chairman Carl Bethel confirmed that he will be defending his post in the upcoming convention.


ApoliTical 7 years, 9 months ago

That lady Miss Butler-Turner is a feminist and I really can't stomach her. Obviously there should be more female voters cause statistics show there are more females than males, and ladies are not misrepresented, if that's your cry start an all female party. Pandering to women making them feel like victims to gain their vote. Politics 101 for the female politician. Yes I studied political science and it's trickery. Guess what if you truly want equality it will cost you women. Insurance companies charge female driver less gender is used in the calculations do you think that is fair Miss Sexist Butler-Turner what truly is the price of equality is to pay the same rate as men and any true advocate for equality should want women to pay the same as men. You feminists with manginas would come out the wood works and say it is a gender tax, laughable. I could hear it now statistics show men are more dangerous drivers than women. If you think statistics no matter how manipulated or altered are a valid reason to charge men more money, then I am sure they would not mind statistics being used in the family courts. So before the judge decides who gets custody they take into consideration statistics of which gender abuses, neglects and murders children the most and award custody to the parent who is considered the safest based on gender statistics. Mrs. Butler-Turner probably would call me a misogynist, be honest women has more rights than men any day any where in the world except Arab countries. So ladies do be fooled into supporting a lady just cause you share the same sexual organs, or she spouts drivel like she does 95% of the time. To you mrs. uncontested deputy leader the men gave you a free pass still hate us. WHY?


concernedcitizen 7 years, 9 months ago

i don,t know in the bahamas women can,t pass there citizen to thier children who are born abroad ,remember the referendom ..theres only one way to say what you are a, misogynist ....or do you prefer the metrosexuals ,and i use that word as not to call them what they are ,in the new goverment ,,,i,m a man ,,but you sound like the biggest female hater i,ve ever heard ,or is it just mrs. Butler..do you fell emasculated or what ..do women threaten your manhood or person ,,my God i can,t believe someone would put thier total breakdown as a person on the web for all to see ,they cut womens genatalia off in africa and the sub sahara are you for that too ,,,,


Philosopher_King 7 years, 9 months ago

Congrats to Mrs. Butler-Turner someone who although I disagree with her politics I know is genuinely concerned about people regardless of what an insipid mentally impaired poster who probably never met her in person thinks about her. Unfortunately she is an unapologetic Hubedite and not enough of a break with the recently rejected past the independent voter was hoping for. FNMs don't be afraid to deal with open debate and disenchantment over who the next leader should be; for it would have only strengthened your party in the long run. Failing back to Citizen Ingraham’s handpicked man of business and close personal friend as your leader is a bad first rebuilding move. Now you have the puppet master pulling the strings still only this time from behind the scenes. His insidious take over of the FNM party is complete.


TalRussell 7 years, 9 months ago

I wish Comrade Loretta all the best. Had Hubert had the sense to address all women as Comrades, who knows he might have remained in power.


concernedcitizen 7 years, 9 months ago

Hubert ran more women on the FNM ticket than any party in Bahamian history ,,the country rejected it just like the referendom in 2002 ,,can,t blame HAI if the public rejects it ,,,


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