Killer Must Wait Another Five Weeks For Sentencing


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A MAN convicted of manslaughter in the Supreme Court two months ago must wait another five weeks before he is sentenced.

Kevano Musgrove, 26, of Halsmere Road, Highbury Park, appeared before Justice Indra Charles yesterday to learn how many years in prison he would receive for the February 25, 2010 shooting death of David Bowleg Jr.

However, his probation report was not ready and it is a necessity in the sentencing process.

Justice Charles set the matter down to June 20.

On March 26, a jury convicted Musgrove of manslaughter after receiving further instructions from the judge.

Justice Charles had given the jury the option of determining his innocence on a charge of murder or manslaughter for Bowleg's death.

He was acquitted of murder 9-3 but convicted of the lesser charge on the same count.

Bowleg, 34, was found shot to death in the back seat of a champagne-coloured car in the area of Holiday Drive, South Beach.

According to an alleged confession statement presented in court, Musgrove admitted to shooting Bowleg first because he believed the deceased had put a bounty on his head.

Musgrove reportedly said he'd watched the deceased pull up in the drive way of his Highbury Park home and enter the house through an unlocked door.

Having a gun on hand while waiting in a hallway, he shot Bowleg Jr in the shoulder before bounding him with tape and dragging him back to the Honda Accord he had arrived in.

After driving to Holiday Drive, Musgrove allegedly shot Bowleg again before calling someone to pick him up.

Defence attorney Murrio Ducille dismissed the confession statement saying it was fabricated by the police who forced his client to sign it after putting a plastic bag over his head.

Musgrove opted to remain silent and did not take the witness stand.


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