A Not So Quiet Storm

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I WOULD like to address the few persons, who seem to think that Hon Dr Hubert A Minnis is not the best choice of leader for the Free National Movement Party.

Some seem to think that he is mundane, too neutral and not aggressive enough, some even say that he is not charismatic enough. Well, let me remind the Bahamian pubic that what some concluded to be pit bull attitude may have just caused the devastating loss of the Free National Movement's government!

Let me also remind you that Dr Minnis came from out of nowhere politically in 2007 and beat one of the most popular Ministers of the Christie administration, Minister Neville Wisdom! He then proceeded to transform Killarney into a model constituency, using 21st century technology, taking representation of the people to another level! You may not have liked our party but you knew where he was and what he was doing 24/7 for the past five years! I know because he was in my face the whole time!

Dr Minnis did not become a success almost overnight by failing to plan. He came back to Nassau after university, a poor Bain Town boy, with nothing but the education that God saw fit to provide him with. The first thing he did was establish himself by investing in people and things that eventually gained him the position he has achieved, both financially, socially and politically.

May I also remind you that out of the "giants" of the Ingraham administration, he is one of the few who was left standing! Not only did he retain his seat in Killarney, but he won by a bigger margin on Monday than he did in 2007, in spite of the fact that the FNM government was rejected by the people. That speaks volumes! There are whole families of PLP's in Killarney who told me personally that they voted FNM for the first time in their lives! Can you imagine how much bigger that win would have been if the boundary had not been cut? I sincerely believe that had he been duplicated in every constituency, the PLP would not have stood a chance! People know good representation when they see it!

Yes, there are more charismatic politicians and eloquent speakers than Dr Minnis, but I do believe the Bahamian people are tired of eloquent speeches. People want to see action! Moses himself complained to God that he did not want to be chosen to lead the people out of Egypt because he did not feel adequate but when God has a plan for your life, he will equip you with the skills that you need and more! It is no mistake that Dr Minnis has been chosen to lead! For the FNM party to move forward, drastic changes must be made...a changing of the guard so to speak!

Everything that has happened in the last few days has proven that! Those who fight it are wasting their time.

Dr Minnis is approachable and humble! He knows how to use the strengths of the people around him; the people whom he can trust! He listens, he takes note and then he acts! He has no problems making tough decisions, or saying no! He is also honest in his dealings and is not scandal-ridden.

Best of all, he knows how to ignore fools! He is not deterred or side-tracked by naysayers. I love that side of him! He is not perfect, but he knows a God who is. He knows that when there is no earthly solution there is a God in heaven who has it covered! He is the kind of leader the FNM and the country needs.

Don't sleep on Dr Hubert Alexander Minnis...he is a not so quiet storm.



May 11, 2012.


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