Teenager Cleared Of Murder


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A TEENAGER was cleared of a murder charge yesterday afternoon in Supreme Court.

Cordero Wallace, 19, of Kennedy subdivision, sat in the court's prisoner's dock yesterday as the 12 member jury returned to the court with an 8-4 not guilty verdict in the November 27, 2009 stabbing death of Raoul Butler.

Butler was stabbed during an altercation between himself and the former murder accused, which, according to evidence, started because of a chain snatching attempt.

Wallace maintained his innocence and Devaughn Richardson, a friend of his, testified that he neither saw his friend with a knife, nor did his friend stab the deceased during the incident, in which a group of young men got into the fight.

Prosecutor Ambrose Armbrister alleged that Mr Wallace had done the stabbing and produced a witness who testified to seeing the act.

Yesterday, after Senior Justice Jon Isaacs spent nearly three hours summating the trial evidence, he excused the jury to decide on a verdict.

They returned shortly after 3pm with the not guilty verdict of 8-4.

Mr Wallace, seated in the prisoner's dock, dipped his head into his lap until he was addressed by the judge.

"Cordero Wallace, the jury has found you not guilty of murder. Unless there is anything else holding you, you are free to go.

"And for the record, you are acquitted on the direction of the jury."

The teen left court with his mother and attorneys Murrio Ducille, Nathan Smith and Krysta Mason-Smith.

His mother only said, "Thank God".


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