Saturday, May 26th

Why You Vex?

"I am vex cause I see on the opening of Parliament some of the finest dressed people and two people with no manners but yet so happy as the man and the woman chewing away like crazy on their chewing gum, getting the last drop of sweetness out of the gum while on national TV. Bey, sure could see them carry on dead bad mashing up that chewing gum which is bad manners and the Queen's representative nearby. The government should hire more protocol officers to tell them it's bad manners to be chewing gum at these occasions, and I hope they did not drop the gum on the sidewalk when finished!"

  • Watching ZNS

"Bey, I dead vex and to cut a long story short, why mouth can say anything during campaigning saying dat they is dead set against promises/policies of the other side cause theirs better and now when they find themselves on the other side saying dat they is going to hold them to their promises. Muddoes, dey is against the promises an now they gon hold dem to it, bey, dis ting don't no sense no way Bullah."

  • Moonwalking Now

"I vex, look here, see, people catching hell an calling it a good time an I expects 'day one' phrase to be the day after elections an dis ting turning out to be like a nadda popular phrase dem politicians bin using on crime meaning 'zero tolerance' an it never was true but sure sound good."

  • Sufferin

"I vex cause my house in the 'ghetto' area did not get numbered. Plus, I see the government registry people naming two streets in the Montagu polling area same William Lane, plus they are giving people's private curving driveway off of it a name."

  • Duh!

"I vex cause nobody ever explained whether the term 'first 100 days' coined by United Stated President F.D.R during the Great Depression is the same for the Bahamas, whether it includes weekends, or holidays, sick days or only days when Parliament meets, or if it is legal like Bahamas prison days where say a lifetime sentence for a murder can be something like eight years served in prison with extra time off for good behaviour and released prisoners can be 'hailing' people and the victim's family in the same 'lifetime' they were supposed to be punished by Bahamian law and in jail. "

  • Puzzled

"I am appalled/vex that foreign journalist Nellie Day should write that Bahamians lower class 'dwell in small beach shacks and huts' that are built from 'straw or woods' which are readily available along the beach! Not because there are many illegal Haitians shanty towns located close to the beaches should she assume that those Haitians who live in 'shacks' also made with tarps, car doors, fridge doors, and any other discarded materials are Bahamians. Dey should realise that not because we almost look alike we should be mistaken for the same nationality and should give our Bahamas an apology for a natural identity mistake. "

  • Proud bona fide Bahamian

“I vexed ahead of time at BTC and for their ‘widespread service blackouts’ this summer. I have never, never heard of another country doing this to install a new network. Only the Bahamas gets treated this way because we have no competition.”

  • Frustrated

“I vex cause I am tried of hearing the PLP running on about the road project. It would have cost less when they planned it, but they never kept their promise to do it. So the roads deteriorated and that's why it made the FNM

go over budget. They stop the works and we will be right back to square one – complaining about how bad the roads are and that they breaking my car up.

  • Stop whining

“I dead wex because my wote ain’t do no good! Six murders in three days! All dis was business to stop when my government get in!”

  • Yellow jacket

Why You Happy?

"I am happy because we have a new set of fresh-faced, lean looking politicians and wish them the best of luck in not putting on weight over the next five years."

  • Observer

"I am always happy to be on the winning party of Jesus Christ where everyone there is a winner,"


  • Christian

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