Saturday, May 12th

Why You Vex?

“I vex when I hear that some non-elected persons are getting big-time positions in government. If they wanted a big post they shoulda gone from door to door, getting cussed out, chased and bite by dog like the others did who campaigned for my vote.”

  • Disappointed in system

“I looking at ZNS TV wid my pencil, tallying my newspaper, scoring, and the worst most dumbest ting is to happen cause me to get so vex is when the ZNS elections results team is to go off topic an starts sucking up to the politicians and completely forgets me an most the entire population an stop telling us whats they been hired for to tell the results so we can score off who won with how many points and who lost, and at the end ain't nobody still say how many seats any party wind up with, but yet the politicians know all that information before us."

  • Serve the People (not politicians)

“I vex cause now when yinna talking 'bout employment an jobs is for everybody and putting people back to work, and now yinna gone puts the DNA out of a job. Make a difference and give dem a Senate seat job."

  • Jobs for All

“I have been a passionate loyal, proud, patriotic, nation-building born Bahamian voter and I am disappointed/vex that the political parties have re-engineered the public to vote for and according to the leaders of the political parties where instead they should be encouraging the voters to vote for the best candidate for each constituency, because after all, the leader and his party may win but the constituents could be stuck with a lazy MP who wastes the votes the constituents placed for the party."

  • Get swung

"I am vex because Prime Minister Ingraham had to go and say he resign his own Abaco MP seat when all his saying he is the most qualified and plenty can confirm so. He may have lost the PM job but he did not lose the MP job, so would he reconsider keeping his MP job?"

  • Observer

" I vex; one day after the election on the May 8 as they said an I ain't see no change yet."


"I so vex, but not for long, cause I have to laugh out when I and almost everyone in the Bahamas hears on the radio and reads in the papers the political analysts say first who gonna win dis election, then they changes their mouth to say 'the election is too close to call', then after the election over, they now saying why and how the winner win (still laughing).

If they could have stated and pontificated and prognosticated etc the reason why the winner win, then don't you think with that knowledge they should have proclaimed the winner from the start ?

  • LOL

"Mudda tek sic, I vex cause the most hard-working candidate who everyone done know been working in Montagu, doing cook-outs to help the needy, actual crime fighter, crime watcher, save our hotel business and beaches from pollution, arranging and holding job fairs getting people employed etc, ain't get elected. Muddoes, hang in there my brudda and to us you are the

winner. We saw the work you were doing in the press an in the area. Don't give up."

  • Voter

Why You Happy?

"Ah, peace and quiet. No shouting. Tranquility, No more insults. Back to the same ol, same ol, catching hell an calling it a good time."

  • Voter

"I so happy to see comedic human behaviour in action, when after another election to see how people can yet again fix dey face and try to look an say they been on the winning side when everybody know which in other side they been on all along."

  • Fix ya face an smile


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