Saturday, May 19th

Why You Vex?

"Bey, my vexation so yuck up cause I get hoodwinked and lied to when the bank say they come together and merge to make tings better for the synergies and whatnots, closing plenty branches and now they wants to charge me one dollar for using the ATM that used to be free? Plus Batelco saying they is making tings better and now they is dropping ya calls which in I stills has to pays for and make another one or three more to finish ya conversation. So tell me how is that improving when yinna has to pays more for lousy service than before? Heh? More competition needed, not shareholder monopolies!"

  • Bamboozled

"I am vex that the pastors can now incredibly recover from their laryngitis during the elections and of all things one of their first national messages to the nation is to talk money, about who is against gambling. Curiously, just before elections some of these religious and moral teachers were concerned about the taxes from gambling being spent for good purposes. What a disgrace that the church chooses to be involved with the state of 'numbers' gambling and is silent on all the unwed, young, sexy, teenage parishoners making babies which they have no difficulty in baptising and christening."

  • Marriage First

"Bey, I sure run hot and vex when I sees all den politrickans saying dat dey wanting a better Bahamas an more jobs fer everyone before elections an one week after the election all dey political posters still staring at yinna from every lamppost. Why dey can't talk straight, keeps dey word, meaning what they say, an hire some out-of-work fellas and remove the posters?"

  • Voter

"I am vex because radio stations granted a national public licence for the nation's broadcasting whose official language is the English language must now have to listen to portions of Haitian Creole language. Other Bahamians of different cultures do not do this, they learn and speak English. Absurd, unbelievable, unthinkable that the majority must listen to an unknown language in their soverign nation when there may be some code words in the Creole language spreading ‘disunity’. The Bahamas is not subordinate to Haiti. Please broadcast the proper English language because the Bahamian official language is English, even though yinna may speaks it poorly sometimes."

  • Tru tru Bahamian

"Child, I so vex cause I stuck wid a year's supply of T-shirts I can't wear cause dey is the odda colours an some people is cut the eye an look at you funny now when you is dress up with them."

  • Voter

"It is the truth I telling you now, an listen up here, cause I vex wid the prices going up in the food store most every day and people can barely feed dey family cause dem rich politicians too busy talking 'bout crime and unemployment from an intellectual standpoint. Could it be that these rich politicians are too rich to know about our poor struggling Bahamian parents that they are clueless to make the leap to make the correlation 'bout

crime, unemployment and poverty!"

  • Thar she blows, matey.

Why You Happy?

"I am happy that the majority of Bahamians, especially politicians, now realise that it is not the size of the crowds at political rallies, nor is it the frequency of the broadcasts or party news in the media, or the jokes and rhetoric of the politicians, but it is that which is in the hearts and souls of the voters that matters."


"I so happy now that the Haitian Ambassador saying that Haiti has discovered some $20 billion worth of gold in the hills of Haiti and

that many Haitians will be returning to Haiti. However, some problens are that many illegals here have many free services and do not want to

return, and the other is that those in Haiti who find gold will now have money to pay to be smuggled to the Bahamas to join in the free Bahamian gravy train of services."

  • Realist

“I am happy now that the PLP is in power I will no longer have a light bill to pay, there will be no more murders and cookie crumbs hopefully coming my way,”

  • Joyous


eyes 11 years, 8 months ago

I am more than pleased that Mr Moncur and his team did not get into parliament. If they did, Women who use contraceptives may have been given a life sentence. Worst yet, Men who raped girl children, raped adult women and or seduced them into having children for them would have walked the streets unscathed by thier acts of aggression. Yes, far weightier would have been the 'DEMON PILLS' taken by the woman, than anything done by egocentric LUST POSSESSED men, whose chief purpose for living is that of having never ending orgasms and spilling wild seed here there and everywhere.


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