A Shocking Solution To Education Woes

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Re: Seek out education experts – The Tribune, Letters, September 20, 2012.

THE letter states that “schools ought to create environments that facilitate students to be entrepreneurs and nation builders”, and few would disagree with that.

Although I am not an expert (I only supply tax dollars), may I suggest that one way to facilitate learning environments might be to provide each teacher with a taser for use in getting the students’ attention and help their concentration.

Tasered students would probably absorb and understand appropriate math, English and even business skills, Mandarin and rocket science in record time. Along with calculator use, and other technological means of developing their ability to think critically, the skills thus learned in school would stand them in good stead later on when, as teenage entrepreneurs, they wish to buy and operate multi-million dollar sports teams and record companies etc, or otherwise work for themselves. (If necessary, they should have little difficulty in hiring someone from e.g. China to read the business contracts to them and they could always sign with an “x”).

Of course, they would likely then be delighted to donate many of their talents and profits for nation building. However, since we’ll be doubling our education expenditure with an additional $200m this year, it’s quite possible none of this will be necessary because the teaching will be twice as effective as in the past.



September 23, 2012.


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