Electricity out in west


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RESIDENTS in Western New Providence were without electricity for most of Tuesday night into Wednesday morning after a transformer went off-line.

The electricity went out sometime after 10pm Tuesday and parts of the area were still without power up until noon Wednesday.

As technicians from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation were working to restore electricity in the west, a cable fault caused another outage in the east.

Public Relations Officer, Arnette Wilson Ingraham said power in Eastern and Western New Providence was expected to be restored by 4pm Wednesday.

“Supply in the west was restored to most customers early Wednesday morning. Presently one customer remains without supply, however this should be resolved once the transformer is replaced. This is expected to happen before 4pm today (Wednesday),” she said.

“In Eastern New Providence, a cable fault was responsible for an outage that occurred at 6am Wednesday morning. Crews were immediately dispatched and began restoring supply within the hour. Supply was restored by 9:48am.”

Meanwhile, disgruntled BEC customers lashed out at the corporation saying they are “sick and tired” of the frequent power outages over the past several weeks.

While some consumers called The Tribune to make their complaints known, others took to social media to lambaste the corporation, which has struggled for years, especially in the summer months, to keep the lights on.

One person said: “The power situation is so bad, I charge my phone and my laptop just waiting on the current to go off. I know it’s going to happen, I just don’t know when, but I am always prepared.”

Another customer said: “I cannot wait until we have some competition. BEC will never give us good service because they don’t have to. They are the only company so they are bad and we have no choice but to keep them. It is so frustrating that we have accepted power outages as normal”.


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