2012 List Of Family Island Emergency Shelters

Central Abaco

1. Central Abaco Primary School, Dundas Town

2. Friendship Tabernacle Church, Dundas Town

3. Abaco Central High School, Murphy Town

4. St Francis de Sales Church, Marsh Harbour

5. Hope Town Primary School, Hope Town

6. Man-O-War Public School, Man-O-War Cay

7. Guana Cay All Age School, Guana Cay

South Abaco

1. Soul Seeking Ministry, Moore’s Island

2. Moore’s Island School, Moore’s Island

3. Crossing Rock Primary School, Crossing Rock

4. Casuarina Point Fire Station, Casuarina and Bahama Palm Shores

5. Assemblies of Church of God, Sandy Point/ Sands Cove


1. North Acklins Shelter, Chester’s

2. St Paul’s Baptist Church, Snug Corner

3. Church of God of Prophecy, Delectable Bay

4. Zion Ebenezer Baptist Church, Salina Point

5. Good Samaritan Church, Salina Point

6. Command Centre, Spring Point

North Andros

1. Nicholl’s Town Primary School, Nicholl’s Town

2. Church of Christ, Nicholl’s Town

3. Church of God of Prophecy, Conch Sound

4. Mt Sinai Baptist Church, South Mastic Point

5. Pleasant View Assemblies of God, Point

6. First Baptist Church, San Andros

7. Salem Baptist Pre-School, Red Bays

Central Andros

1. Church of God of Prophecy, Cargill Creek

2. Pentecostal Church, Bowen Sound

3. Catholic Church, Fresh Creek

4. St Paul’s Anglican Church, Calabash Bay

5. Voice of Deliverance, Calabash Bay

6. Mt Sinai Baptist Church, Calabash Bay

7. Mt Ethel Baptist Church, Love Hill

8. Mt Hope Baptist Church, Blanket Sound

9. Stafford Creek Primary School, Stafford Creek

10. St Bartholomew Church, Behring Point

South Andros

1. Friendship Baptist Church, The Bluff

2. Long Bay Cays Primary School, Long Cay Bays

3. Deep Creek Primary School , Deep Creek

4. St Paul’s Baptist Church, Black Point

5. St Mary’s Anglican Church, Mars Bay

6. Mt Olive Baptist Church, Smith’s Hill

Mangrove Cay

1. Mangrove Cay High School, Swains

2. Burnt Rock Primary School, Burnt Rock

Berry Islands

1. Church of God of Prophecy, Great Harbour Cay

Cat Island

1. St Andrews Anglican Church, Arthur’s Town

2. Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, New Bight

3. Mt Sinai Baptist Church, New Bight

4. Zion Baptist Church, Old Bight

5. St mark’s Anglican Church, Port Howe

6. 7th Day Adventist Church, Devil’s Point

7. Zion Baptist Church, McQueens

Crooked Island

1. Church of God of Prophecy, Cripple Hill

2. St Paul’s Baptist Church, Cabbage Hill

3. All Saints Anglican Church, Church Grove

4. 7th Day Adventist Church, Landrail Point

5. St John Baptist Church, Colonel Hill

6. Desmond’s Complex, Albert Town (Long Cay)

7. Command Centre, Colonel Hill

North Eleuthera

1. Peoples Haitian Baptist Church, The Bluff

2. John Wesley Methodist Church, The Bluff

3. Purplemae Restaurant, Lower Bogue

4. Wesley Methodist Church, Lower Bogue

5. Trinity City of Praise Centre, Lower Bogue

6. Mission Church of God, Upper Bogue

Harbour Island/ The Current/ Current Island/ Spanish Wells

1. Lighthouse Church of God , Harbour Island

2. Wesley Methodist Church, Harbour Island

3. The Current Community Centre, The Current

4. St Christopher’s Anglican Church, Current Island

Central Eleuthera

1. Resource centre, Savannah Sound

2. Salvation Army Church, North Palmetto Point

3. Church of the Nazarene, North Palmetto Point

4. Governor’s Harbour Primary, Governor’s Harbour

5. Camp Symonette, James Cistern

6. St Mark’s Methodist Church, Hatchet Bay

7. Cambridge Villas, Gregory Town

South Eleuthera

1. Rock Sound Primary School, Rock Sound

2. Green Castle Primary School, Green Castle

3. Wemsyss Bight Primary School, Deep Creek

4. Deep Creek Middle School, Deep Creek

5. Bannerman Town Library, Bannerman Town

Exuma and the Cays

1. St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, Williams Town

2. St Peter’s Union Baptist Church, Forbes Hill

3. St Matthew’s Baptist Church, Harry Cay & the Ferry

4. Mt Carmel Baptist Church, Hartswell & Rolle Town

5. St Andrews Community Centre, George Town

6. St Theresa’s Catholic Centre, George Town

7. College of Bahamas Resource Centre, George Town

8. St John the Baptist Anglican Church, Moss Town & Hermitage

9. The New Hermon Baptist Church, Mt Thompson & Ramsey

10. Palestine Baptist Church, The Forest

11. Ebenezer Baptist Church, Farmer’s Hill

12. St Margareet’s Anglican Church, Roker’s Point & Harts

13. Zion Baptist Church, Steventon

14. Ebenezer Baptist Church, Rolleville

15. Mt Sinai Union Baptist Church, Stuart Manor

16. Ebenezer Baptist Church, Barraterre

17. St Mary Union Baptist Church, Farmer’s Cay

18. St Luke’s Baptist Church, Black Point

19. Mt Oliveth Baptist Church, Staniel Cay

Grand Bahama

City of Freeport

1. St George’s High School Gymnasium

2. Living Water’s Assembly of God

3. Cancer Association

4. Church of Christ

5. Forster B Pestaina Centre Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King (Special Needs Centre)

6. First Baptist Church Hall

7. Cental Church of God Hall

8. Sir Jack Haywood High School

9. Maurice Moore Primary School

West Grand Bahama

1. Eight Mile Roack High School

2. Martin Town Community Church


1. St Phillip’s Community Centre

Long Island

1. Seymour’s Gospel Church, Seymour’s

2. Highway Church of God, Doctor’s Creek

3. St Joseph’s Anglican Church, Thompson Bay

4. First Assemblies of God, Salt Pond

5. Senior’s Recreational Centre, Gray’s

6. Community Centre, Clarence Town

7. St John’s Anglican Church Hall, Buckley’s

8. Holy Cross Anglican Church, Hamilton’s

9. Holy Family Anglican Church, Mortimer’s

10. The Church of Ascension, Dunmore’s


1. Abraham’s Bay High School, Abraham’s Bay

2. Pirate’s Well Primary School, Pirate’s Well

Ragged Island

1. Administration Building, Ragged Island

Rum Cay

1. St Christopher Anglican Church, Port Nelson

San Salvador

1. Zion Baptist Church, Long Cay

2. St James Baptist Church, North Victoria Hill

3. St John’s Baptist Church, United Estates

4. Gerace Research Centre, United Estates

5. Zion Baptist Church, United Estates


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