Why you Vex? October 27th

Why You Vex?

“Vex that in this North Abaco election for one single constituency that some 600 plus voters, probably the largest group historically to not vote in a Bahamian constituency, did not vote for whichever political party representative, whichin is like 10 Dash 8 plane loads of people.”

  • Observer

“Well mudda sic dred, when people vex dat the government buying $200,000 dollar car some people taking it further an saying the government should have an official government residence for the prime minister and a whole completely new Parliament building for the MPs. Yinna know the hot weather has to be affecting these people. At a time of the worstest recession, people unemployed, tiefing rampant for material tings to sell for money, roads need money to fix etc, and dese people talking fool, wants to tek bread out of the mouth of the many hungry to buy new government house and not pressing tings, mudda sic dred.”

  • Houston

“I am vex dat everybody is trying to get into dis accountability and transparency ting, dat even the butcher is trying to be accountable for the high prices of pork chops dat he is still selling/packaging you the same amount, but when you open the package you can see that the pork chops are so transparently thin, muddoes!”

  • Pork chop

“So wid the government a major shareholder in the bank and having its own appointed directors in the banking system, I vex cause then the government is be a part who will decide to have their foreclosed houses sold first.”

  • Observer

“I vex cause there are is no protection for the mortgage customers from loan officers terrorising them to pay dere loan payment. An who dey is be giving all type of loans and was ya friend a few years ago and encouraged you to borrow so dey loan officer could reach their bank target to get bonus, come to find out there are no laws to protect the customers but there are laws to protect conch and dog an other Bahamian animals.”

  • Struggling

“Bey, yinna hearing bout speeches to protect Abaco from foreign poachers but vex an cannot hear any speech bout protecting our sovereign homeland from the hapless illegal Haishun migrants whose boats or remains of boats have made front page news having breached the security of our sovereign shores of Abaco and in many times with tragic consequences. People and country are more important than fish.”

  • People first

“Vex that even in the US presidential debate it was mentioned that the mortgage lenders gave loans to people who did not qualify and here in the Bahamas the government just gave some $10million dollars from the public’s purse to assist some 1,500 of the bank’s mortgage customers in foreclosure and nothing for some 3,000 others. Cannot deny it is not better in the Bahamas for some.”

  • Shylock

“I am vex not at the expensive prime minister’s car, but at the use of police outriders and escorts cars who just like the prison bus force us to the sides of the road and have an attitude when you are not fast enough. The motorists should not suffer for all the politicians getting together to build roads and force you in the gutter while they breeze right past you at full speed with their sirens.”

  • Motorist

“Muddoes, I dead vex dat the majority of mortgage customers who paid plenty taxes get no property tax exemption. Some 3,000 who are in foreclosure will get zero, nothing, nada help from the Treasury they paid stamp taxes to. Muddoes, bey, losing yinna sacrifices, sweat and belief to have investment in the Bahamas to leave someting fer yinna children sure incomprehensible.”

  • Unemployed.

Why You Happy?

“Happy that the politicians are showing that democracy is alive and well for each and every Bahamian citizens, because after almost 40 years Parliament has had a session in Abaco. Now the people in Inagua will be waiting their turn.”

  • Aristocratic Man

“Delighted and happy that one aspiring politician wants to be protecting the waters around Abaco from illegal foreign fishermen poaching, but if this is anything like protecting Abaco from illegal squatters in the thousandfold already living on land in the Pigeon Pea and Mud, then he is wished the best of luck.”

  • Hook, line and sinker.

“Happy to see various streets in the vicinity are getting paved. And joyfully anticipating when the potholed, bumpy, lumpy, experiencing to the max each hillock and valley, often taking 30 minutes to slowly travel in jammed up traffic Parkgate Road (road from Kemp Road to Village Road) soon gets a smooth new coat of asphalt.’

  • Motorist

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