Fnm 'Saddened By Loss Of Lives' During Hurricane

THE FNM, saddened by the loss of two lives during Hurricane Sandy, has sent its “condolences and prayers for the families of both victims,” said party leader Dr Hubert Minnis.

He said the party had received several reports of structural damage to homes and roads, including West Bay Street and minor property damage in New Providence.

“We received reports of major flooding in New Providence’s low lying areas affecting road usage, drainage and travel around the island,” Dr Minnis said.

“Major flooding was reported from the northern islands of Grand Bahama, particularly Queens Cove, Fishing Hole Road and the airport as well as in Abaco with some damage to roofing material of buildings and homes.

“From the central islands, Eleuthera has reported scattered flooding and minor damage to structures.”

Dr Minnis urged the “government to offer immediate relief to farmers from Long Island, Cat Island and others who would have suffered agricultural and livestock loss. I also urge the government to offer relief to flood victims, being mindful that areas like Grand Bahama have suffered severely financially, even before the recession began.

“Utilities were affected as to be expected, in most instances to protect infrastructure and equipment from damage from the high winds and rain of the storm. We are very appreciative of the work of those dedicated professionals from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Bahamas Water and Sewerage and BTC for ensuring restoration of utility supply to affected areas as soon as possible.

“To those involved with NEMA,” said Dr Minnis, “and the armed forces who worked tirelessly before and throughout the storm reporting on damage and updating officials particularly ensuring the safety of the general public – we are truly grateful for your efforts.”

Dr Minnis said that “hurricanes are acts of nature though unpredictable and destructive in nature, they bring about a renewed spirit of helping one another. As we prepared for the storm, neighbours helped neighbours secure their homes and surroundings.

“Families ensured that all members had sufficient water and goods to wait out the storm and provide shelter for those that needed it.

“After the storm has fully passed and we start the work of rebuilding and clean up, I am certain that we will continue to work together to get the job done and restore our islands back to their splendour.

“Bahamas, this is one of many storms that passed through our archipelago, but as long as we continue to honour God, work together and work with our officials we will be able to weather the storm,” he said.

“May God continue to bestow His blessings on our island nation and people,” he concluded.


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