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RE:BGCSE: Status Quo is Unacceptable

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I am writing in response to Mr Massey letter “BGCSE: Status Quo Is Unacceptable” dated August 29, 2012.

I do believe it is important, that I introduce myself, to ensure that individuals gain a perspective from which I speak. I am not an outsider looking in, rather, I was an active participant in the educational system, and have diligently chosen to pursue knowledge in an effort to implement changes that can correct issues within the educational system, especially in mathematics. I am an educator and a researcher. In The Bahamas, I was a former secondary school teacher, an invigilator, a national examiner, advisor for the National Teacher Cadet programme, a shop-steward, and a member of the National Science Council for the Bahamas.

Additionally, I have engaged in national research pertinent to the written and enacted curriculum, as well as evaluated the impact curriculum materials have on students’ learning. I have published and presented nationally and internationally at highly ranked research conferences on curriculum issues, reasoning and proof and technology. Hence, I have years of experience with assessment practices, and mathematics curriculum as a whole. Therefore, based on my experience as an educator and researcher, it is my argument that the manner in which the B.G.C.S.E. national average is reported is wrong. Adhering to fundamental principles of research, a type one error exists when it is reported that something exists, when it actually may not be. If the method used to generate the report is flawed, the claims made can be fundamentally challenged. My argument was primarily on the construct of the examination, however, it appears that Mr Massey’s rebuttal focused more on the perceived outcome of performances.

I am not asserting that our educational system is perfect, I am saying, however, the means in which it is done does not adhere to fundamental constructs of research. That is why I argue before strategies can be used to combat the ills, accurate reporting is needed to identify where the challenges exist, and the extent to which they exist.



August 31, 2012.


concernedcitizen 9 years, 9 months ago

lets dumb it down some more ,,why not just have those things ,round peg round hole etc ,,surley our less than qualified teachers from COB could teach our 15 and 16 year olds to do that ,i know ,reading ,writing ,and counting is a little much to ask ,,,,,,,,lmao


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