Watch What You Say

Meditation for Sept 20, 2012

Rev Angela C Bosfield Palacious

Speech is a gift from the lord. The ability to communicate is a blessing:

  1. We can sing the praises of God

  2. We can tell of God’s mighty works

  3. We can speak words of encouragement

  4. We can offer prayers for healing and deliverance

  5. We can read the Scriptures out loud

  6. We can preach

  7. We can counsel

  8. We can share thoughts and feelings

  9. We can tell stories to entertain

  10. We can teach

However, there can be a negative side associated with it if we abuse the gift. Out of the same mouth can come curses:

  1. We can lie

  2. We can give false witness

  3. We can create conflict and confusion

  4. We can utter obscenities

  5. We can criticize harshly

  6. We can complain unnecessarily

  7. We can speak “out of turn”

  8. We can gossip

  9. We scan speak unkindly

  10. We can verbally abuse

Here are some questions for our personal consideration:

  1. How do I use my gift of speech?

  2. Am I constructive in my criticism?

  3. Do I speak my truth in love?

  4. Do I compliment freely and without flattery?

  5. Am I quick to admit my faults?

  6. Am I quick to apologise when I am wrong?

  7. D I keep silent when I should speak up?

  8. Do I use silence as an act of aggression?

  9. Am I secretive and intentionally evasive?

  10. Am I respectfully honest in my communication?

We do not know who is listening. We do not know when we will have to “eat our words”.

We need to use our gift of speech in order to communicate love, truth, and wisdom. Is God pleased with the way we use this wonderful and powerful gift?


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