PM's jobs plea to private sector


Prime Minister Perry Christie


Tribune Senior Reporter


WITH a 30,000 job deficit hanging over the new government, Prime Minister Perry Christie implored the private sector to contribute ideas and help solve “the national challenges in our country”.

“We’re going to need a plan,” he said.

Speaking at a forum at the British Colonial Hilton, organised by Minister of State for Investments Khaalis Rolle, Mr Christie asked the businesspersons gathered for their participation in government initiatives and help in growing the economy.

Members of the fishing, hotel, agriculture and manufacturing sectors were asked by Mr Christie to bring their input to Mr Rolle and to become a part of the national discussion on private sector growth and job production.

He reminded them that the country has been “gripped and paralysed by the twin challenges of crime and joblessness”.

“The question is, who is thinking about it? Where is the national conversation on it? And, to what extent is it your problem?” he said.

Mr Christie said governance cannot be “looked at in terms of five years, because you make tremendous mistakes”, and used the former government’s overspending on the New Providence Road Improvement Project as an example.

He said plans must be put in place and consultation carried out so decisions can be made, and insisted dialogue with the private sector is a key part of this process.

“Get involved with us,” he said.

“Let’s prove that in our spirited way we are able to find a way of working together to make this country better.” 


TalRussell 9 years, 10 months ago

I have never believed in major resorts entering our tourism market because when it no longer suits their corporate shareholders bottom line they either cut their expenses to the bone or they move on, and out of our Bahamaland. We no longer serve their financial needs.

To secure a strong and lasting tourism market we have to return back to all that once made our shores an envied island destination. We can begin by supporting the development of small home grown mom and pop visitor accommodations and facilities.

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by TalRussell


talkbahamas 9 years, 10 months ago

Perhaps we need to start by looking at other industries than tourism


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