Residents Complain About Slow Garbage Collection


Tribune Staff Reporter


COMPLAINTS about the slow pace of garbage collection across New Providence came in yesterday, with several callers expressing concern about the risk of serious health problems.

Homeowners said trash is beginning to pile up, as no trucks have made the rounds for about two weeks.

Garbage collection has been a major concern at the eastern end of the island for some time, and residents told The Tribune trash is now overflowing into the streets.

In the west, garbage had reportedly not been collected for about a week.

The Tribune attempted to contact Environmental Health Director Melanie McKenzie for comment, but she was said to be unavailable.

Employees of the department said only Ms McKenzie is authorised to speak on the matter.


proudloudandfnm 8 years, 7 months ago

This started pretty much immediately after the PLP won on May 7th last year. SO what's the deal? The PLP can't even collect garbage? Is this part for real? All those promises of ready on day one but they can't even collect trash! This party has to go.


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