78 Haitian Migrants Sent To Capital After Detention

A TOTAL of 78 undocumented Haitian migrants are being transported to the capital after being apprehended 15 nautical miles west of Farmers Cay in the Exuma Chain on Tuesday afternoon by members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

Acting on information from local fishermen, Defence Force vessel P-45 intercepted, boarded and searched the 35ft Haitian sailing sloop in the Exuma Cays shortly after 2pm.

The boarding team found 61 men and 17 women aboard the wooden vessel.

The Haitian nationals appeared to be in good health and were detained and transported to Coral Harbour Base for further processing, the Defence Force said.

P-45’s commanding officer, Acting Sub Lt James Cox, said the migrants left from Port au Paix and had been at sea for four days. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force said it remains committed to guarding the heritage and sovereignty of the Bahamas and thanked local boaters for their continued support.


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