Three companies shortlisted for operator to manage Grand Lucayan's casino


Obie Wilchcombe


Tribune Business Reporter


THREE companies have been shortlisted in the Government’s search for an operator to manage Grand Lucayan’s casino, Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe revealed yesterday, adding that an announcement on the new operator could come in two to three weeks.

Treasure Bay has operated the casino, which employs about 200 staff, since 2009. The Government has been seeking an operator to replace Treasure Bay, with as many as seven groups including Bahamian interests, and the Dominican Republic based Dream Group among those vying to operate the casino.

Mr Wilchcombe said yesterday: “We are down to three companies and we are going to make a final decision. I expect an announcement to be made in two to three weeks.”

Asked whether any of the two Bahamian companies reported to have been in the mix had been shortlisted Mr Wilchcombe said: “Bahamian companies are there and there are other recommendations Bahamian companies are making and we are looking at them all.” Mr Wilchcombe revealed previously that one of the two Bahamian companies was seeking to build their own casino in the nearby area.

Back in February the Government announced that the deal to renovate the Reef Village at the Grand Lucayan had been finalised. An agreement between the Government, Hutchinson Wampoa and Sunwing Travel Group was signed to convert the 400-room Reef Village into a five star Blue Diamond Resort. The development is expected to create around 250-300 construction jobs and as many as 1,000 permanent jobs.


FACTSPOLICE 9 years, 6 months ago

How Stupid does this PLP Government think some of us Bahamians are? NAME THE COMPANIES! We have a right to know...this is just one way of sneaking those numbers boss owners into this mix...They have not even dealt with the illegal numbers gambit! No prosecutions or confiscation of illegal assets acquired by these numbers bosses! Please For God's sake, this Government needs to GO!!! Just watch...we want the names of all those Bahamian owners who applied for a Casino License! I thought the law states that Bahamians cannot become casino owners! Have we done a KYC on the Bahamian owners, like where did they get their monies. check out Aventura Group!!! from where did they get their funds to become so rich! What a joke, these corrupt officials need to be investigated!


USAhelp 9 years, 6 months ago

Number house gives experience in running casinos in the Bahamas. LOL


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