Claims That New Principal Is Political Appointee


PARENTS of students attending a school in Long Island are concerned that the new principal is not experienced enough to take on the post – and question whether political connections had anything to do with the appointment.

Lower Deadmans Cay Primary School will replace its current principal, Darold Wells, with a new principal to mark the new school term.

The Tribune understands that Mr Wells’ replacement is a woman who previously taught at the school and has experience teaching at a private pre-school.

The president of the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Tanya Cartwright, 33, said: “I have an eight-year-old son. He’s been going there from kindergarden. He’s going to grade four next month. My kid has never been in her class, and it’s not that I have a personal vendetta against the lady. My concern is this is only her third year teaching in the government school. I don’t think she has the experience to handle teaching and being a principal.”

“I know another person had applied for that position once after being a teacher for nine years, but she was denied because they said she lacked teaching experience, so how is this woman being given the job when she has even less experience?” Another parent, Carla Burrows, the former president of the school’s PTA committee, said she was concerned about the appointment and how it might have come about.

“There are a lot of disgruntled parents,” she said. “I heard the district education officer received about 25 calls about it on the first day the appointment was announced. I think she is not qualified for that position because she’s only been teaching under the Ministry of Education for two years.

“They say she been teaching in the private school area, but her teaching experience is only about five years. My impression of seeing her is that she seems a little disorganized. I’ve spoken to parents who weren’t satisfied with her teaching their children. I am concerned with her teaching my children for grade 6, so I wouldn’t even talk about principal. I have nothing against her personally, but there are so many way more qualified persons for the position. The persons at the Ministry of Education office in New Providence told me they don’t understand how this is happening when I called. My first opinion on this is that It’s politics. It’s who she knows. That’s why she got the position over people who are more qualified. Her father is what they consider a PLP general, so obviously he spoke to who he knew.”

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said the appointee’s “parents are very political and strong PLP’S. It’s sad to say but it’s still about who you know in this day and age. She had her own school, a pre-school. I think that’s her calling. She’s very, very good with little children. But she didn’t even get her teaching degree from the College of the Bahamas; she got it from Success Training College.

Speaking to The Tribune, Long Island MP and FNM deputy leader Lorretta Butler-Turner noted that Long Island students are known for their strong academic performance and that parents fear their students’ grades could be affected if an unsuitable principal were selected.

“Whether she’s experienced or not, the bottom-line is we have qualified teachers who understand the curriculum and we believe they’ve been overlooked because of this individual,” she said, adding: “With her being a new teacher, she has not proven she is adept to working with others.”

Meahwhile, Director of Education Lionel Sands has thrown his support behind the new appointee.

He said: “The post was advertised in The Tribune and The Guardian. Persons who applied went before the Public Service Commission.

“Once each person meets the minimum requirements, they are considered. The commission was responsible for appointing the person and they approved the appointment. I support whoever is hired because they would’ve met the requirements.”

The Tribune was unable to contact the new principal for comment. Mr Sands refused to release her contact details.


Collin 6 years, 9 months ago

If she does not possess a diploma of education and only certificate from Success she should not even be teaching in the Government system.

I am sure that the Government will not toy with the future of our little Bahamian Darlings. I just know that the information found in the article could not be true.

Please tell us Mr. Min. Of education and Mr. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister please tell me you will not trifle with the good people of Long Island like this.

This entire article must be a mistake.


bahamamama242 6 years, 9 months ago

The gov't would toy with the future of this country in such a way. Look around you. Posts are known to be made based on political affiliation. This woman has been accused of cheating in the past. She is also not a role model to young ladies as she is known to be quite a vulgar person. She disappears from school for days at a time, although teachers get the entire summer off as vacation so the fact that she has been allowed to do this is unfair to the school system, the other teachers and most importantly, the students. She is also not qualified , especially in comparison to those teachers that applied and went up against her for the position. Many parents have complained about her ability in the past, including being biased towards certain students for no apparent reason. Parents are even more upset after hearing news of her position as principal. The simple fact that teachers are requesting transfers out of the school and parents are requesting transfers for their children out of the school after this announcement speaks volumes about her ability and her character.


Cecile 6 years, 9 months ago

Yes, Mr Sands the post was advertised in The Tribune and The Guardian and she may have applied and went before the Public Service Commission.but according to communication from the Department of Public Service Circular No: 32 of 2013 File No: DPS/39/38 Dated 24th April, 2013 Addressed to: ALL PERMANENT SECRETARIES AND HEADS OF DEPARTMENT


And it reads as follows: Letters of interest are invited from suitably qualified serving Bahamians to fill the position of Principal Grade 'D' School, (Long Island) in the Department of Education, Ministry of Education, for the beginning of the 2013/2014 academic year.

Requirements for the post:

  • A Bachelor's Degree and professional teaching qualifications from an approved institution;
  • A minimum of seven years successful teaching experience;
  • A minimum of three years excellent administrative experience;
  • Training in school administration and supervision.

Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department

Interested persons must submit letters of interest indicating the specific post and scale for which they wish to be considered. Applicants are advised that it is their responsibility to attach relevant proof of academic and professional qualifications, experience, positions held and a recommendation from their Principal to the letter. Failure to provide same may result in their disqualification from the exercise.

According to these requirements advertised by the Commission - this young lady's application should not have even been considered! The Commission should not have even seen her! So you tell me what's going on at the Ministry of Education - Mister Director!!! Yet she was moved from Long Island and still given a post as principal in Rolleville, Exuma!!! - when many qualified, more experienced teachers who applied were turned down! She needs to go back to school - The College of The Bahamas and get her teacher's certificate and be removed as Principal of Rolleville Primary School and maybe after COB and more classroom experience she could reapply to become a principal! Furthermore, she needs some people skills training and classroom management skills training!

Director - Mr. Lionel Sands; Minister of Education - Honourable Jerome Fitrzgerald - This appointment is definitely wrong and needs to be corrected ASAP for the future of our children in Exuma and The Bahamian children in general!


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