Dna Leader Calls On Ingraham To Apologise


Branville McCartney

FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham should apologise to the Bahamian people rather than offer apologies to Baha Mar’s Chinese investors, DNA Leader Branville McCartney said in a press release yesterday.

The former Prime Minister recently criticised the present government for not settling payment for road works completed by Baha Mar.

Mr Ingraham called the current government’s actions tedious, vexatious and worrisome.

However, the DNA leader pointed out that there has been no request by the Baha Mar investors or the People’s Republic of China for an apology from the former Prime Minister or the present government.

“The DNA believes that if the former Prime Minister is issuing apologies, then he should first and foremost apologise to the Bahamian people.

“An apology is most necessary for the sale of BTC. We can see today that this was a mistake.

“In this regard, I would ask if the former Prime Minister would issue an apology to his former parliamentary colleagues when he said, referring to the BTC sale, that if they did not vote in favour of the sale, he would call a snap election,” Mr McCartney said.

The DNA leader said that he wondered if the former Prime Minister would apologise to the Bahamian people for causing many businesses to go out of business because of the road works and change in traffic direction, in particular in the inner city.

“Hundreds of families have not regrouped and are suffering financially as a result of these actions of the former Prime Minister. Is there an apology forthcoming by the former Prime Minister for having an overwhelming record breaking five year period of murders?”

Mr McCartney said that what is truly worrisome is the talk around town that the former Prime Minister still has a personal agenda and wants to return to lead the country.

“Moreover, there are “Ingrahamites” who are encouraging him to return to front line politics. These are the same persons who encouraged the former Prime Minister, prior to the last election, that he was the best thing for this country since sliced bread and that victory at the polls was a certainty,” Mr McCartney said.

The DNA leader said that the Bahamas hears the former Prime Minister’s voice quite regularly these days as it is echoed through a few female writers and columnists on Social Media.

“We in the DNA think that the former Prime Minister has had a good run; he has been Prime Minister of this country for 15 years. We believe that the time has come for him to put down his political sword and try to become a national statesman and utter statements for the benefit of the country and not for personal political gain,” Mr McCartney said.


GQ 6 years, 6 months ago

As a long tme supporter of the FNM and fomer Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham I believe it is time for him, the leader of he defunct DNA and the current leader of the PLP to move off the political scene along with all the OLD RETREADS in their parties


shortpants 6 years, 6 months ago

DNA Leader Branville McCartney .You cannot even keep your party together .You should be the last one talking shiiit .Please go get a life if you had only waited you could have been the next Prime Minister so right now all you need to do is go far the hell away.You personally help wreak this country . Everybody knows the PLP'S don't like to pay bills .Pay the people there damm monies it was left in place to be paid theives only spending and not even letting us know what is going on just throwing out scraps off information .Mr.DNA you should be the last one talking because you told your followers that if you lost you would step down power hungry fool .You did not even win one seat on even a back bench sad ,sorry power hungry fool again I must say get lost and stay lostt.


yilky 4 years, 10 months ago

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SP 4 years, 10 months ago

................. What Hubert Use To Say?....My Hands Dem Clean?.....Clean My Ass! ..............

While Hubert Ingraham is in the apologetic mood, maybe he would apologize for doing nothing when his former Cabinet Minister of tourism was caught absconding with $5M from the Public Treasury through his shell company just before 2012 elections.

No more clean hands bullshyt Hubert maboy.

Aiding and abetting pilferage of Public Treasury Funds has certain smell to it!


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